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  1. I am looking at a new TV at the moment (plasma). I think the Panasonic V20 42" had the best picture in the store for that size range. The picture is much brighter than other plasmas - I initially thought it was an LED. With the upcoming promotion of a $699 BR home theatre, I think the V20 is the one for me. I was also interested to see how the Sony compared to the Samsung, as I liked the look of the Sony EX500 series. I thought the Samsung had a better picture - the Sony looked soft compared to the Samsung. The Samsung (not sure of the model) was about $200 cheaper. I haven't really looked at LCDs in the past, but that was my first impression.
  2. I changed from B&W 602s2 to B&W M1s as rear speakers when I moved house. They come with with the wall mount and look and sound great. The other option would be in-wall speakers.
  3. I have this problem with Southern Cross TV and Ten HD in Hobart.
  4. I think the LX509 is quite a step up from the LX508 in terms of picture quality and black levels. If you want to spend less money, get the Panasonic. If you want the best picture, get the Pioneer.
  5. I recently upgraded from the LX508a to LX509a. I have only had the LX509a for a few days, but I thought I would give you a comparison for those thinking about upgrading. 1. Buzz. My previous screens suffered from the dreaded buzz, which was one of the main reasons I upgraded (Pioneer replaced my original LX508a due to buzz, however the second one was exactly the same). The LX509a is much better in this regard. I have only heard the buzzing when watching Blu-Ray on the LX509a (never with DTV or Austar). The LX509a is quiet enough that I am not bothered about the buzz. 2. Blacks. The LX509a has slightly better blacks. While they are better, I am not sure they are worth upgrading for. When watching a movie in the dark, the screen is not perfectly black, however it is still the best flat screen I have seen in regards to black levels. 3. Dirty Screen - I think this is what you call it. The LX508a had horizontal lines when the screen was either white or a very light colour. I mainly notice this with sport, e.g. golf when the ball is in the air. The LX509a has fixed this problem. This fix along with the reduced buzz makes upgrading for me worth it. 4. The overall image appears cleaner, with smoother movement. When watching BR with the LX508a, occasionally the image was grainy. I haven't noticed this on the LX509a yet. 5. The DTV tuner now has an EPG. Changing channels on the LX509a is much quicker than the LX508a. It still isn't as quick as Panasonic, but it is quick enough not to annoy me anymore. 6. The screen appears slightly brighter. Overall I am pleased with the upgrade. The LX509a is definitely a better screen than the LX508a. It is not until you get the screen home that you notice the differences to Panasonic etc. In the store it is hard to pick the differeneces between a Pioneer and Pana. I have a Pana in the bedroom and I definitely prefer the image of the Pioneer. I hope this helps.
  6. I have the same plasma in the bedroom and noticed the same thing. The picture quality is great, so I am not worried about it.
  7. Are the LX509As in stock? I have had one on order for months and have been told the middle of next month!
  8. JB were $988, with the extended warranty $149.95 from memory. DSE matched this price, plus I used Wish Cards (Woolies gift vouchers) to get another 5% (I can buy Wish Cards at a 5% discount through work). Total was $1,081.
  9. I also bought a 42px8a for the bedroom and wall mounted it with the same bracket from Selby! It was pretty easy to wall mount. I did have three of the screws snap, however that was the only problem. I must admit that I had my Pioneer 50" professionally installed, as it is too expensive to fall off of the wall! I am very happy with the result. I even ran composite cables from the lounge room to the bedroom to watch Austar. I am suprised with the quality - I was a bit concerned, as the composite cable is 20m. I managed to have Dick Smith match the JB Hi-Fi price, as they are next door. As I get 5% off DSE, the total cost was $1,080 including 5 year warranty. At that price, you can't go wrong!
  10. I have heard that the first shipment is due mid-Feb.
  11. Hi All I have had a Yamaha RX-V2200 receiver for the last 5 years or so. It still works perfectly, however I am thinking about upgrading to the new RX-V3900. The main reason for the upgrade is to get HDMI inputs (I watch Blu-Ray via a PS3). Is the upgrade going to provide a noticeable improvement in sound quality for both movies and music? My speakers are B&W 603s2 and LCR6S2.
  12. I bought a 42PX8A for $968 + $169 for 5 year warranty. I used a Wish Card to get an extra 5% off, so the total price was $1,080 including 5 year warranty.
  13. I spoke to Pioneer yesterday and they are not sure. They are under the impression that it will be Feb 2009.
  14. My local store said they had the 3900 out the back - apparently they just came in.
  15. I have a Rotel 985 5 x 100w THX rated power amp that I am about to sell. Let me know if you are interested.