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  1. Topdog try a boot disc and go from there
  2. Gday folks, So I'm looking to build myself a new file server and HTPC. Current spec list is: Case: Lian Li PC-C60 HTPC case CPU: Xeon sandy bridge single socket n quiet cooler Mobo: Asus P8B WS C206 LGA-1155 RAM: 8 gb ECC unbuffered DDR3-1333mhz Storage: SSD on boot, SATA raid 5 array for online storage in software raid PSU: Something quiet and power efficient with gold or platinum plus 80 rating GPU: Probably an AMD 6570 due to good HQV scores and post proc options but hAvent decided yet Dual pciex tuner card Bluray burner Windows 7 and anydvd HD and some sort of bluray player supporting 3d (linux bluray, and well really the whole dam gpu/audio stack for desktop HTPC linux isnt really ready) Wish list is USB 3, single HDMI out, quiet, able to house a new raid 5 software array and server grade gear for no bit flips
  3. I saw on the 3d vision blog that there might / sort of / maybe be health risks over prolonged use
  4. I thought they were going to upgrade their compression and use a new sat? Did this ever happen, I dont think so because friends still have the old set top box that doesnt support the new compression standards
  5. Nice thanks mate, I'll goto JB Hifi this arvo to pick it up