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  1. Hi Alan, Do you know what frequency i would need to tune in to get the NSW channels. Is it even possible. I have no clue what i am doing but really apprieciate your help. Cheers,
  2. Thanks for answering my message so quick. Your right i want to pick up some NSW content, mainly AFL footy. 7 dont show the friday night live but they do in NSW. I am in Caraway Street Springfield Lakes. Any chance i can pick up the NSW reception from here. At the moment i get my tv via the fibre optic but i also have an antena on my roof. Agian thanks for getting to me hope you can help me solve this little issue.
  3. Hi everyone Newbee here. Can anyone tell me if its possible to tune into the Gold Coast channels in Brisbane. I am on Fibre to the home if that helps out at Springfield lakes.