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  1. I could not have said it any better.
  2. Hey Aranciata, They should have added more Blu-Ray titles to. I would have bought but the limited range is ****.
  3. Then, your stuffed
  4. Anyone know when they are going to release Bond films on Blu-Ray??
  5. I reckon they did a typo. Supposed to be Blu-Ray player.
  6. Can't wait for that to happen, it'll be awesome!
  7. Anyone know when the PS3 is going to get any Soccer games?
  8. I know your talking about the US. But even the Toshi 1080i player can be had for around AUD $700, they are not selling very well. Been to a few retail stores and feedback they've given is that it is very, very slow (Both formats). Clive Peeters is one example, They sell 4 Panasonic Blu-Ray players and 4 of the $700 Toshiba's, hardly any of the 1080p model. What does that tell you when the Panasonic is around twice the price of the Toshiba, if not alot more. What would be interesting is when these Blu-Ray players become around the same range in prices of HD-DVD players. Will we see a Ho Fung Dun Blu-Ray player, like this HD-DVD player, in due course? I believe so. Alot of consumer mentality is this: Blu-Ray = PS3 HD-DVD = Upscaled DVD I've overheard 1 time to many what the consumers are saying to the salespeople. I thought Blu-Ray was for games on the PS3. I thought HD-DVD is upscaled DVD. The Samsung DVD player goes up to 1080p. Is that not High Definition? So there lies the confusion as well, not only with movie studios on which one is supporting what formats but also the confusion of Blu-Ray & HD-DVD.
  9. Look's like it is Ezyview.
  10. Don't want it.
  11. Like Mike Myers, the Scottish Father in So, I Married An Axe Murderer, in Scottish Accent: SHUT IT ! Tit for Tat, blah blah blah, it's what makes this forum interesting. Arguments for & against, so what! People are free to discuss, last I heard, Australia is a free country AND STILL IS!!!!!!!!!!! You don't like it? Then go watch a movie
  12. Flame? What flame???? It's better than all the sh!t that's released today! Eighties Going Off Hey pajames, think you started a trend here............................................................................ ................
  13. Questions regarding HD-DVD. Why for quite a while is their only one manufacturer making HD-DVD standalones? I know one of the answers would be, 'cause Toshiba wants to milk as much as possible. But what other reasons? If their were more manufacturers, wouldn't take up of HD-DVD be quicker? And also make it cheaper as more units would be in production? Forget computer drives, I'm talking standalones.