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  1. AndrewW, I meant it in a joking manner. Nothing serious. What about you? "Move along people, nothing to see here". Just telling like it is.
  2. AndrewW, I meant it in a joking manner. Nothing serious.
  3. I do, like Mike Myers (when he plays the Scottish father) in So, I Married An Axe Murderer, In Scottish accent "SHUT IT!"
  4. Don't worry about them, they just keep on trolling along.......................... ----------When Blu-Ray is the only format left standing them people will eat those words me tells ya!-------
  5. Why don't you try re-scanning the channels.
  6. Can you please pinpoint where on the menu it says this? Only thing I can see is changing the option from Interlaced to Progressive.
  7. Theres no code or anything to make the DVD (part) player region free? What about Blu-Ray is that region coded?
  8. HD-A1 Is this a region free player?
  9. Does this also mean that the DG-SD160DVR fan can also be disabled? (disconnected)
  10. I've done it once (disconnect the fan) on the Digtial DVD Recorder the DG-SD160DVR and the unit gets very, very hot. So not sure if this will affect the logectivity of the unit. But reconnected it after a few days, I understand the peacful bliss. Maybe I should do it again and if the unit fails within the 2 year warranty period, just simply plug the fan back in and claim it under warranty. What do you think?
  11. When are HD-DVD & Blu-ray players due for release in OZ?
  12. http://www.dvdtown.com/ Very informative.
  13. Personally I prefer HD-DVD as I've heard it uses a newer codec which results in a better picture rather than MPEG-2 which Blu-Ray is currently using (I know Blu-Ray is capable of using the same codec but they are not using it for the releases of the movies so far). Only thing Blu-Ray has going for it is storage capacity and you could also say PS3.
  14. I'm not sure what else the firmware does besides that. The DGTEC person said that there are also few minor updates but didn't metion what they were. I've done ABC VHS to DVD. Don't know if they got any copy protection but it worked. Tried another "Known" label and it copied that to. Also the thing that probably gets to me about this unit is that it does not play MPEG4 properly on a 16:9 screen it plays them back in a 4:3 format, even though they are encoded in 16:9. As I've got a Pioneer DVD player and that plays MPEG4 perfectly on a 16:9 screen. Also the unit runs very, very hot. I may later on try to upgrade the HDD. I've already opened the unit up. It uses a Western Digital 160GB HDD. Does anyone have any flickering of lines on there unit when watching a show? I set mine to progressive.