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  1. anyone got blade 2 for sale?
  2. oh okay well i know the Fox 3D discs for Avatar, Prometheus are region free
  3. wow thats new never had a 3D disc region locked for me yet i think that guy on blu-ray.com might be wrong since highdefdigest says its region free
  4. looking for any region of these the a-team with slipcover john carter 3d
  5. sanity 3 for 40$ blu-ray http://www.sanity.com.au/specials/732/3_For_40_Blu-Ray finally got my self the thing
  6. there is also a white slipcover version
  7. seen dark knight on ebay go for about 350+
  8. I want empty Usa cases..
  9. buying Blu-ray Cases 11mm USA Slim
  10. WTB ANY Region THE INCREDIBLE HULK STAND BY ME Halo Legends AUS A Single Man w/ Slipcover
  11. Looking for any region of Iron Man 2 Transformers 1
  12. caught mine today trying to push it into the letters slip
  13. WTB Any Region Halo Legends Anchorman Batman: Under the Red Hood Green Lantern: First Flight Tron Legacy 3D Disc only AU A Single Man w/ Slipcover UK Happening, The w/ Slipcover US The Rite w/ Slipcover UK/US My Soul To Take w/ Slipcover
  14. WTB AU A Single Man w/ Slipcover AU/US Halo Legends w/ Slipcover UK Happening, The w/ Slipcover US Sucker Punch w/ Slipcover US The Rite UK/US Moon w/ Slipcover UK/US My Soul To Take w/ Slipcover Slipcover Only Wants UK Jennifer's Body Hero Memento House of Flying Daggers I Spit on Your Grave 2010 Batman Begins Notorious Trainspotting Body Of Lies Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs US ICHI Orphan The Condemned Friday The 13th Riddick Collection Trick r Treat IP Man 2
  15. WTB AUS A Single Man w/ Slipcover Halo Legends w/ Slipcover Walk the Line w/ Slipcover *PENDING*