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  1. Damn but I love the grand final in SD while the HD channels show cooking shows, 60s reruns.... Yeah, yeah, I know. But still......
  2. Does it matter? If they make both the 'new' and old FX separately available as per TOS then everyone is happy - and we know they can do it. If they muck the new FX up then the old ones at least aren't TOO bad, given their age.
  3. Was Win's broadcast of the women's final today supposed to be live? Because... it wasn't. Yet again the broadcast was timeshifted so that by the end it was at least two to three games behind real time. I know this because I was watching it and my wife came out of the bedroom and casually mentioned the final result having heard it on ABC radio news, not realising that the game was still going on the TV.
  4. The Dons/Pies Anzac day game was delayed too I believe? Or did it really start that late? Either way I missed the end of it because it ran on so long.
  5. Or they could just not muck with the credits!
  6. Definitely. I often want to check locations or information about music from the movie.
  7. At my local rental every new release has BD versions available (if there is actually is a BD disc for it, of course). More often than not the BD versions are gone on popular nights unless you prebook them. They are also adding BDs to the 'old releases' at a decent rate too. It had long ago reached the point that it was impossible to walk into the store and not find a BD title that I'd like to watch even if the particular new release BD I was after had gone.
  8. The problem at the moment is that 3D is a gee-whiz addition to the movie, rather than an essential component of the movie itself.* Or to put it more bluntly, a crap movie in 2D will be a crap movie in 3D. A good movie may or may not be enhanced by 3D, but a bad one certainly is not. While the gimmick may be able to be sustained for a while on the back of novelty, novelty sales can't last forever and once the public goes "I'm not paying a premium for a 3D version" then it will be in trouble. "Piranha: 3D" may have broken even (just), but how much loss do you think the studios will be willing to wear on "Piranha 2: 3D"? I watched a European-made subtitled movie the other night. It blew the pants off anything I saw in the last 12 months that came out of Hollywood (although "Inception" comes close). Give me a one movie like that any day over a dozen brain-dead Hollywood 3D blockbusters. *I include Avatar as a part-exception in this regard. The use of 3D to add depth and immensity to the landscapes showed how 3D can enhance a story without it being all about objects flying out of the screen. Unfortunately the implementation was less than ideal and watching it in Imax 3D was for me a bit irritating with the dodgy glasses, crosstalk, and loss of sharpness.
  9. Damnnn, I found this thread too late - and I actually DO have a LD player! That DWW set...*drool* I've always been in two minds about the SW:DE, as I have two copies each of the 'Faces' version trilogy.
  10. I see that the Sammy PS58C7000 is at JB for $1800 - I reckon it'd be hard to go past that in terms of value for money. The P50 is only $1300 if the missus puts her foot down about a big unit. (I believe that these units are being superceded in the nearish future; given that the underlying panel and electronics are likely to be similar if not identical I would rather pocket the difference in price than wait for a new one that just had more bells and whistles) The P54V20A was on their site at $1900 so, assuming that this is a typical current street price, means that I doubt you'd get the 3D VT20A variant for anywhere close to $2K.
  11. Woohoo! There are some sets I've been wanting from but have held off because the shipping costs just rack up with multiple sets.
  12. Not annoying, just typical.
  13. I've heard Coulthard in interviews and commentary-type situations before and (unlike the parade of ex-cricketers that Nein trot out in their commentary team) he comes across as well-spoken, intelligent, doesn't stumble over his words or continually umm-ahh and has good dulcet tones. He should do well.
  14. A friend of mine asked my advice for a TV recommendation, so I said I'd do a little bit of research since I haven't bothered to keep up with the state of play in the TV world. Boy there's a lot of models aren't there!! Just taking Sony as an example they have no less than 9 models in the requested size. Eliminating the models out of the budget still leaves a good half a dozen to choose from. And that's just one manufacturer. I'm even tempted to post my own "which TV" thread!
  15. The problem with a collection that big is that you're going to have a large number of movies that people already have (any why would they want to buy them again?), some that they don't want, and then those few gems that might appeal but which can't justify purchasing the whole package. For instance, I usually find myself interested in music discs, as there were lots on LD that didn't make it to other formats. Movies I'm generally not that keen on because I stopped the willy-nilly impulse purchasing and only buy if I really *really* want something that I know will be a repeat viewer, and that'll be a BD purchase.