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  1. It would certainly help to undercoat the bare gyprock ceiling. This gives your topcoat a far more even finish otherwise it can look patchy if you just paint straight over bare gyprock and the joints between sheets where flushing compound is used. This is a new build.
  2. I did PM Kazz but have just noticed this literally up the road Could have for $300 I reckon http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lakelands/radios-receivers/integra-dtr-7-8/1103604387 Decisions, Decisions??
  3. Was thinking umc-200 and maybe discontinued power amp. Or just grabbing locally a 2nd hand avr as per other thread Good to have a couple of options
  4. Thanks Chopsus Even before I receive this free quote I'm leaning that way unless pretty cheap to fix (doubtful) A 2nd hand unit with True HD and DTSMA and preouts for the power amp Worry about the "newer" formats when they become more established Started trawling the ads for this sort of unit last night in anticipation of going that way. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/halls-head/radios-receivers/marantz-av-surround-receiver-sr6005/1104301766 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/midland/other-audio/denon-amplifier-avr-3808/1092089350 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/joondalup/radios-receivers/denon-hometheatre-receiver-avr-4310/1104388286
  5. "Secret" was their marketing term I guess cwt Will see if I get any more emails. If I do I will email back and see what the go is. Just because they are selling all the new stuff here should not mean they could not sell dead stock to whom ever they choose
  6. Not from Oz tiger, from the states. Not trying to get new, not even refurbished current but discontinued lines
  7. Big IF I did find some rocking horse poo - that would seem to be easier
  8. Does Emotiva allow Oz customers to buy refurbished units or old stock clearance items? I have had "secret" emails re these sort of sales. Secret to the extent of their whole mailing list lol Obviously the new stuff is now available here (with a whole bunch of people it would seem) Hopefully that's good for price competition on the new gear
  9. Would only be for centre and rears so that may not be too hard. My free quote Gumtree repairer wasn't at home when I called in there today So none the wiser on repair cost Cheap pre may be the go If my bd player had component in I would even live with good old Dolby Digital till an upgrade
  10. Will keep eye out for UMC-200 if repair quote is shocking. Only have 2 channel power amp. So could I use unrepaired Pio as amp for 3 or 5 more channels??? Thanks for the comments
  11. Some sensible thoughts thanks mello Unit is going in today to be looked at so no quote just yet.
  12. Video not working on Pio Out of warranty. 1.Getting Gummie called GC at Westminster Perth to quote repair at no charge (anybody had experience with him?) Suggests over phone HDMI card and not cheap repair. Thoughts? Have 2 channel power amp and ht bypass preamp. 2, Are there cheap atmos and dts-x receivers available yet that would give fairly good video and audio performance. Is Dolby Atmos/DTS-X an improvement over DTS HDMA/Dolby True HD even with just a conventional speaker setup. Honestly would not bother with in ceiling speakers. Are they all fine with 4K pass through as at some stage will get 4K projector (when they are commonplace and reasonably priced) 3.Probably stupid question. If I don't wish to pay for repair on pio to get video back can I use it as a power amp via preouts. I know not great amps within these units but thinking it would be better amplification than if I buy cheap Atmos/DTS-X enabled receiver or even can I just buy a processor? Or am I dreaming? Just don't want to spend a bunch of money on this stuff at the moment. Until this Pio shat itself for the last few years have had a good little 7.1 setup with reasonable BenQ projector. Thought my spending days were over (as did the wife!) Cheers Ols