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  1. Can i ask if its easy to change the amp DIY? Thks Its true ... When i signed in, i seem to spend some $$$$ for a good cause
  2. Agree but only if you could do some work by yourself or you have mate rates
  3. Thanks guys Will do it tonite ... Hope it works
  4. Guys From Oppo to projector, 3d works fine but going through prepros onkyo 5509, i cant make it work in 3d. Reading in avs, they mentioned it has to be passed through or something. Is there a setting that i need to change in Onkyo to make it work? Thanks
  5. I think i m interested. Thx.
  6. Hmmmm... I missed out on the Sony GB Neill. Anyway, last night set up Sony on an old Tv cabinet and pointed it straight to a wall. Have not touched any settings apart from shift the vertical picture up on top of the centre speaker. As we had the Pio 50" plasma, then Pana 65" so were looking for the WOW factor. Dont know if size was 120" or 130" but we are so excited with that PQ. Cant wait for a proper screen. The kids are kept saying wow and now they said they prefer to watch on the PJ rather tha TV The CFO was not happy with the spending so far but admitted the PQ was better than expected. 3D didnt work. I thought i connected it right - Oppo to 5509 and 5509 to Sony. Oppo 3D was auto on but maybe 5509 not yet? Sorry Rob, could not test the patern yet I hate reading manual but now i have to read 3 (pj, pre & bdp) Cheers
  7. I tried to load some pics in the attachment but did not work. Plz pm me instructions on how to load directly if there are other ways. Will try my best to write something ........... after i know my ways around this pj and plz dont hold your breath
  8. [quote name=' timestamp='1359690491' post='1863253] Hey congrats ttn that's a pretty decent pj have picked up am sure thrilled to bits Ps regardless of being technical or not with pjs am sure many will appreciate any feedback on the Sony. Thks but would not know what to say PM coming Rob & thks. Will set up on a shelf and check it out for next 2 weeks and hopefully i know what i am doing
  9. Finally, i bought a PJ today after many weeks of consideration. Got it home and awaiting to lit up to see what its like. Always wanted good & bright 3D for the kids to enjoy. I was planning to get an Epson, or JVC and very close in getting the JVC. If i am in Melb, i would get it for sure. Have to thank Yorac, Matt, Bbar, Alebonau, Quark and Owen on helpful tips. As i am non technical on pj, my apologies for any expected reviews unless someone volunteers to do one on my behalf Cheers ttn
  10. I think there might not much margin from Sony hence not much retailer can do but i could be wrong
  11. Congrats Neill Seems not many are going for Sony
  12. I have seen a Sony but not Epson or JVC today so cant compare and got reasonable offer. Very tempting right now
  13. Hi Chop So if i have Onkyo processor and 95, then i can use ipad/ipod to control it? Thanks ttn
  14. Thanks guys Done. Got meself a C5 and S2 for now. For similar B&W or Focal, i'd have to fork out another extra $3K. If only $1K more, would be harder to choose between diamond or berillyum Not spending another $800 for stands so will get some cones and leave bookshelf on cabinet Hope it is good enough Cheers ttn