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  1. I'd logged a product support request on the Samsung website letting them know about the Crosstalk problems in recent firmwares. Thet finally got back to me letting me know that it has all been "fixed" in the 3005.1 firmware. Unfortunately I had explicitly stated in my original message that I'd tested that firmware and that it was still an issue. Oh well, time to let them know that the 3005.1 firmware isn't the answer. I live in hope that someone in Samsung will eventually get the message on 3D. Latch.
  2. L Bland Australia PS63c7000 Firmware 3004 (started on 3003 then upgraded - never got to experience the joys of the 200x firmwares)
  3. Ok, here are my thoughts: That could be an issue, though TVs don't take up as much volume as they used to. Just cause you own it doesn't mean it should be on. If you've got friends over, turn the TV off and talk to them like they're real people. (or turn the TV on, show it off, then turn it off and talk to them) True, but it's hard to beat the big screen experience. My TV / Projector have a specific function. I don't like the mindless background noise of FTA TV. I much prefer having the TV off when I'm interacting with people. However when I want to enjoy a movie or a TV series I'm interested in, then I want a big ass screen to enjoy it on (and a big ass sound system too - incidently, just because I can turn it up loud enough to shake the walls, doesn't mean that I should) That's my take on things.
  4. Indeed, I like the look of Stormrise too. There are regular updates / reveals on their community site
  5. You know, I've heard that line thrown around a lot over the last 2-3 years, and it's hasn't come true yet. I'm not saying that it won't come true this year, just that I've heard it too many times before. Latch.
  6. Considering the price difference between the Xbox and PS3, you might as well get a Xbox360, and use the spare money to buy an arcade stick for it. (That's assuming that the sole purpose of the console purchase is for Street Fighter though) Latch.
  7. I'm one of the people who ordered, and mine took about 2 months I think. I was part of a pretty big backlog though. Having said that, the wait was definitely worth it. They are so much better than both the stock rock band set and the Guitar Hero World Tour drum set. Latch.
  8. Well the content is tied to your Xbox live account. The catch is that you need to be logged into Xbox live for content to be validated. So you can have the content on two xboxes, but you'll need to be signed into live to use the content. On the machine that originally downloaded the content (the one for which the content was originally signed) you'll be able to use the content without being signed into live. Latch.
  9. You can play it "stand-alone".... although there are only 18 tracks, but other-wise it's Rockband.
  10. I think this really highlights that there is a wide variation in what people think are enjoyable games. I really enjoyed Halo3, Gears of War (1&2) and Call of Duty 4. Latch.
  11. That might be true, but you can get it price matched from other places. I got 2 price matched at K-mart (plus beating the price by 10% to bring the cost down to $231 per console) and they were both recent stock (Falcon boards with Lite-On drives). Latch
  12. It's well knows that the Falcons had a 80nm GPU and a 65nm CPU. The Jaspers have 65nm GPU and CPU (but still have the 80nm EDRAM chip on the GPU package). Either way it uses less power so the fans won't have to run as hard and there will be less heat stress on the system (which should lead to even fewer RRODs). Latch.
  13. A lot of TVs don't like 1080p over component. You may have to get a VGA cable if you're not going to run over HDMI. Having said that, most games are 720p anyway, so you may want to just run 720p over component which should work fine. Latch.
  14. You can get it to do 60hz output, but it has to be enabled in the menus. By default I think it might switch to to 50Hz for PAL, but there is definitely an option to enable 60Hz output. In your case you may have to enable 60Hz output while running at one of the 480i / 576i / 576p resolutions. Latch.
  15. Component output on the Xbox can do 1080i and 60Hz. Latch.