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  1. 2 k sounds a bit steep ,I have a 10 yr old one probs sell soon,not likely to get 2 k for it tho ??gind out how old it is first,that will dictate price,cheers Muri
  2. Ne good if jb fxxxxxxn wen site worked !!! Going down to store tomor to give them an earful
  3. A link of where to buy the pink balls from please mr black? Cheers Muri
  4. Happy to take that 3D bluray off your hands Yorac!
  5. Need to watch it in 3D Yorac !![emoji6]
  6. Hi Clinton,130 scope screen is good for 3m seating !wouldnt go any smaller
  7. Pics already posted of it at jb I think
  8. If I recall was dtsma,definitely not atmos,the atmos only on the UHD
  9. Hi Al,yes it will have the 3D disc in it,amazon just had a dodgy pic up on the site,
  10. ] My copy of passengers from the US hit Melbourne today so can tell you in the next couple of days re RF on the 3D. The 3D disc in this set from USA plays on local oppo 203,checked this morning Cheers Muri
  11. Now 20% off at JB till Sunday