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  1. Al,do you know if there will be a 3D release of this series,?
  2. Just noticed the cover says 4 discs ?2nd pic only shows 2?if only 2 discs,are you saying half of the series is 1080 and the remainder 4k?
  3. Hi Al,so Bernie mentioned above it should go for 5 hours,what are you missing with only 1 x 4k disc?
  4. Thanks cwt,yes I have the USA import,and watched the 4 k version ,as stated didnt notice any thing untoward on my "Lycra " screen
  5. Is it the 4k disc or blu disc that has the banding issues?watched the 4k last night and didnt notice any banding?maybe I don't know wat to look for?
  6. Seatons win !
  7. Thanks for that insight Owen,no vested interest here,actually own a JVC ,never owned a BenQ ,just calling it as I saw it presented !have you seen one yet?
  8. Ps: if you do a bundle deal with the Paradigm speakers that were being demoed they will sell like hot cakes [emoji106][emoji6]
  9. Yes ,big thanks Matt ,and the team at BPP Fountain Gate,impressive projector,and has been priced to enter the market very competitively ,did a great job of upscaling 1080p material,and looked superb on native 4k,agree with Quark tho ,not quite the black levels of the JVC X series,but not sure if the Iris was activated ?great effort from BenQ and sure to shake up the market a bit ,regards Muri
  10. Hi Matt,I will attend please+1 partner ,will txt tomorrow ,cheers
  11. Thanks Dave
  12. Thanks smithy,nice to have an idea ,still flat out remodelling my room,will do the update soon as gear all hooked up again Cheers Muri
  13. Yes,no Internet at home,so need to do via the USB drive ,ahh well keep waiting I guess,still a week or so off finishing my room remodel so all good[emoji6]
  14. The latest firmware update still not showing on interdyne web site ??only the previous beta !