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  1. No,you have to buy a player ,and then add or have it modded for region free bluray 1080 playback,4k UHD s are always reg free,need to research before you buy that the player is capable of being modded Cheers Muri
  2. Sale won't be falling thru [emoji15]!
  3. Good going Yorac,I think we all still have to blame Blade for this multiple subs affliction,still clearly remember the night at selbys in Hallam when you cranked up the 2 Seaton subs with that scene with the plane and storm!! Cheers Muri
  4. Yes,if you are based in melb I can forward you details of the service centre that will update for you,and load the BT 2020 update for you ,JVC will pick up the tab,I have no Internet at home do this was my only option,PITA to have to take it all down as ceiling mount here ,also I believe Juddy had his done same place
  5. Can't edit sorry ,price for each movie not box set !
  6. FS:Blurays Seven USA ver reg free Salt Snowpiercer Korengal reg a Kungfu panda Divergent The Judge Under the skin Star Trek Star Trek into darkness (steelbook) Everest Independence Day Nurse 3D Ultimate Bourne collection (1st 3 Bourne movies box set ) Bourne Legacy Arabia 3D Davinci code/angels and demons box set Hobbit battle of 5 armies (steel book) Lucy Oblivion $5 ea plus postage or pickup Berwick area Make an offer on multiple titles,need them gone or trade/swap for anything on my list above
  7. WTB: blurays Whale Rider Boogeyman The Omen Inside Man U571 De Ja Vu American Beauty Moana 3D Sicario 4k Legend of the guardians 3D Pm me pls what you have and price please Cheers Muri
  8. Put my name on those curtains pls 709,will be a week or so before I can get up that way ,cheers Muri
  9. Hi 709,cover says DTS:X for the 4k,and DTSHDMA 5.1for the 1080 blu,won't have time to check in player till the weekend
  10. Thanks Cev,been waiting for this,cheers Muri
  11. Ok ,just checked the serial no,which is build date , 4.06.09 So only 8 yrs old Cheers Muri
  12. Hey ropes ,get a subwoofer off wolf as well !!
  13. I am selling my Elektra 7 ch power amp to upgrade to the newer HD model I had Arthur change the original black face plate to "gold color" ,to match my other components ,so the face plate reads "theatre",which was the earlier version ,it would be 10 years old now and never missed a beat,currently powering my atmos overhead speakers and 2 side surrounds,thinking around the $1800 mark but happy to see what the market rate is Unable to load photos off tapatalk ,but can email to interested parties,melb outer east area,cheers Muri
  14. Do what I did and get rid of the lady !![emoji6]