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  1. Thanks for the quick response The Samsung would be ideal Friend recommended a Bauhn 32" from Aldi for $200- Is anything known about these, are they reasonable for the money ?
  2. I have a Topping TP20-MARK2 mini amplfier May be suitable for anyone looking for an amplifier for home use, not suitable for commercial use in my opinion The TP20-MARK2 is the model without the headphone socket Excellent sound, excellent price, about $A87- Currently playing music from my computer into a pair of Mission Cyrus desktop speakers Have used it in my hi-fi system playing CD's and have used it plauing from my Nexus 7 into small speakers, the smallest hi-fi system I've ever had Highly recommended For the price everyone should have one !
  3. Looking for a cost effective (nice way of saying as cheap as possible) 32" TV that will play video from a USB stick Don't need anything special, it's for the bedroom I've posted a request for a dumb TV in the smart TV forum, is there anywhere else I should have posted it ?
  4. Thanks for all the input and advice Bought the: TOPPING TP-20 (Mark-II) 2×23W 4Ω / 2×13W 8Ω Class-T TA-2020 Hi-Fi Amplifier Amplifier only no DAC AU $87.98 including shipping Very impressed at the quality of the sound and the build Fast delivery eBay seller was tool nerd Now considering Topping DAC D3 or other DAC in that price range about $200- All my music is lossless (flac) I can easily discern the loss in quality from lossless to mp3 So I expect my hearing is good enough to be able to hear sound quality improvements using an external DAC
  5. Cosidering a: Topping TP D2 TP-D2 Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC with 4 inputs operate on ADI1852JRS chip$135.80 & FREE Shipping from Amazon "It’s also a synchronous USB connection which is subject to a lot of jitter, so to achieve the best potential from the D2 it’s best to connect it by either coax or optical" Never used coax or optical, which would be preferable ?
  6. That is very reasonable for such highly skilled craftmanship A piece of furniture such as that will become a family heirloom
  7. The elephant in the room is 'What did it cost' ? Someone had to ask ! Have you considered putting a large rug just in front of the cabinet to cut down on echo propergation ?
  8. I had a Dayton Audio DTA–100a amplifier but it died so I sent it back to Amazon With the refund I'll get a Topping TP22 T amp as it has two inputs My mini powerhouse computer has an ASRock B85M - ITX motherboard The sound quality from this is good but I suspect I could improve the sound with an external DAC Would anyone have advise on using a DAC from a computer ? Which one to get ? How to connect it up ?
  9. Eric Clapton The best ever No ifs, no buts, no maybes !
  10. Have a squiz at the Magni headphone amp "Magni is the only fully discrete headphone amp under $100 that is made in the USA.",d.dGI Also Topping (pronounced Toh-Ping) headphone and speaker amps Also available from Amazon
  11. I was suprised how good the sound is from the little Dayton amp (named after the town of Dayton Ohio near where it comes from) Had it connected to my big Vifa speakers and a CD player, sounded very good with excellent bass Tried it from the Sony TV out and explosions, gunshots etc left nothing to the imagination I was bullied into turning it down, women !
  12. Cheapest system ? Source: iPod, Nexus 7 or other tablet, mobile phone Amplification: Dayton Audio DTA–100a amplifier, or other tripath digital amp Speakers: Kit bookshelf speakers or similar simple speakers I use my little Dayton amp for computer sound, it's suprisingly good quality $100- from Amazon
  13. In the lounge I have large Vifa speakers driven by a twenty year old Denon amp and the sound is phenomenal, battle scenes in war movies are almost too real because of the realistic sound Whereas the bedroom TV, a Sony 32BX20, relies on it's own speakers and the sound is quite reasonable quality, never felt the need to upgrade it !
  14. I use a Squeezebox Touch for my stereo music system After my NAD CD player died I decided instead of another CD player I'd try the Squeezebox streaming music from the computer Using the program Exact Audio Copy (EAC) I copy my favourite CD's into a playlist in the Squeezebox media server on the computer The convenience is great, no longer having to swap CD's around and the sound quality is excellent, easily equivalent to a quality CD player To achieve this high sound quality I copy the CD’s in Lossless format or FLAC I didn’t re-invent the wheel; I gleaned the knowhow from this and other forums, it’s been tried and tested by myriad hi-fi fans all over the world Anyone interested in streaming music wirelessly using the Squeezebox Touch (Available from Logitech) I’d be happy to give any pointers and help required