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  1. ugh... Seven has (sometime in the last week) moved its watermark from the 16:9 corner to 4:3 safe zone. WTF? With digital TV now in more than 70% of homes and the prolification of LCD/plasma TVs these days you would think it was safe for all the networks to move their watermarks to the 16:9 corner by now, surely? Very disappointed as I thought Seven was a leader in this area. Guess they threw in the towel after the others didn't follow suit. Sad.
  2. Optus joining Fetch will be a boost for Fetch. The more ISPs that take it up, the more the chance it will grow to offer more and better channels and better value for money - and it'll become a true alternative to Foxtel. I had heard previously (from an inside source) that TPG was also going to join but that was ages ago and nothing has eventuated.
  3. At least it's not yellow.
  4. If Eleven is coming up on 12 then maybe you should manually delete 11/12 and rescan to fix the problem.
  5. LOL all the comments from the Nine fanbois, anything remotely critical of Nine's watermarks has obviously not made it past moderation. EDIT: ZOMG!!!11 they published my comment.
  6. Foxtel Help Channel, VAST Info Channel, EXPO, ABC3, NITV, TVSN and Boomerang Australia are on Optus C1 satellite, and al-Jazeera English is on Optus D3, according to Lyngsat.
  7. I was trying to figure out how to get a function working on a speakerphone the other day and consulted the section in the manual entitled "Troubleshooting" - which very helpfully stated "if you have any difficulties using this product please consult the user manual". That's a long winded way of saying "RTFM".
  8. Just noticed ABC1 now has a white opaque watermark, innstead of the blue one. ABC2 is currently airing kids' shows with the giant ugly coloured ABC kids watermark, but hopefully the ABC2 watermark will no longer be yellow as well? Not sure when this happened; I could be behind the times...
  9. "live TV" - please explain? Life is far too short for that bollocks.
  10. Sorry i didn't see this sooner. If you'd just pressed OK to bring up the channel list, you could have deleted 11/12 only and then rescanned and you would only have lost any timers you had for those two channels. Might help someone else tho.
  11. You might want to head over to the FTA Satellite forums and have a read/ask your questions.
  12. Glad you sorted it out. Easy for me because my main computer and router are right next to the TV/Toppy.
  13. Are you using a Topfield dongle? I don't believe you can use other ones. My 7100+ is connected by wired network, I use FireFTP (Firefox add-on) for transferring files, works fine.
  14. There is only one HD channel being streamed, but two LCNs (logical channel numbers) pointing to that stream. Ten could point any number of LCNs at that stream but it won't change the fact that they have only a limited amount of bandwidth with which to play, and under legislation are only permitted to broadcast 1xHD and 2xSD channels (although if they were allowed they could squeeze in a third SD channel as per the ABC). With the price of HD STBs/PVRs coming down so much it is wasteful to have SD/HD simulcast when you can have two unique channels, which is exactly what they're doing. Shutting down One SD is a win for viewers, not a loss.
  15. I call shenanigans! That Facebook page looks well dodgy.