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  1. Hi Yorac I too am interested in this. cheers GPG
  2. Go to select satellite from drop down menu [optus C1 etc] and enter your address. Dishpointer will tell you which direction it should face.
  3. I have used mediawob a few times without a hitch cheers Greg
  4. Looks great! can I ask where you got it from at 9k with stand? Pioneer RRP is 10999. cheers Greg
  5. Thx Salamagd it does look the same but has a white cover and is called : Receiver Catalog_AUS(whiteCover)PDF Yours has a brown cover so may be an earlier/ different version?? The fact it is described by reference to 'white cover' makes me think that is a relevant point of difference as to content. But short of comparing line for line I can't say. I am happy to email it to someone who can post it here if you want?? It was emailed to me by ambertech today so should be avaialble widely. cheers Greg
  6. I have this from Onkyo-apologies if its up elswhere - I dont have time to search: "The Tx-SR805 will be here first week of July with an RRP of $2499. Available in Black or Silver." I have the brochure for the entire range as a PDF but am not sure how to attach that. ambertech will no doubt supply if you ask or if someone knows how I can attach it or make it available let me know. cheers Greg
  7. Silly question perhaps, but am I correct in thinking that the PAL and NTSC considerations applicable to a standard DVD purchase do not arise in the blu ray /hd dvd context? Subject only to region coding issues applicable to Blu Ray, an HD DVD or a blu ray disc from the UK or the US will be exactly the same? thx Greg
  8. Got this at Myer for 299 on week end. [offered at HN for 398 under the big heading "Bargain"] I have had two instances of freezing and black screen and tonight when I turned on I got picture but no sound. Its like my very old DGtec all over again. But its a PIONEER and I have had very positve experinces with their DVD REcorders and HDD/ DVD Reecorders. My Firmware is October 2005. I have seen more recent firmware mentioned here. Rebooting fixes it but I cannot rely on it to record a programme when I am out, with this pattern. My question is how do I install the SW upgrade? must I find it somewhere online and then install via my computer or is it done over the air via the menu? I can see no mention of upgrades at the website and have had no reply to my email to Pioneer. many thx Greg
  9. I registered 3 weeks ago. Then I saw the 'tip' here to make sure I activate as well as register, activated [two weeks ago] and received my disc today. [no email]. "Success" is very random! Greg
  10. I had this problem initially having saved the upgrade to a USB Flash drive. I created the file "PS3" on the drive and then a folder within it called "UPDATE" [upper case] Then I downloaded from the site.Once done I inserted the drive into PS3 and chose "update from storage device". But I got the message no update detected or similar I removed the drive and put it back into the PC. I opened the folder 'PS3' only to see the update actually sitting alongside the PS3 folder but not in it. Don't ask me why! I just dragged it over and dropped it into the ps3 folder, then reinserted it and it installed. so make sure the update has actually been saved into the PS3 folder or it won't be found. I hope this makes sense and helps Greg
  11. reminds me of my first projector. It had a stuck pixel - bright blue. A very very small piece of yellow insulation tape the size of the pixel placed on the screen where it shone, completely disguised it. a very simple solution I picked up on a forum somewhere that "solved" the problem. thx again for your help Greg
  12. well- a gentle flick /tap over the over the offending spot and its dislodged and gone!!
  13. Thank you all. I think your right pixelengine I will leave it and concentrate on enjoying the experience. I think the fact that it seems to be right there behind the screen and thus so close and yet so far, makes me want to try to fix it. I even tried rubbing the screen with a soft cloth to generate some static electricity in the hope I could effectively drag it to a corner, but no luck. [its certainly not a dead or stuck pixel.] Greg
  14. My Bravia 60" SXRD was delivered yesterday. Very pleased except that last night watching 'happy feet' with all the white 'ice' scenes, I have noticed a small dust fleck in the middle of the screen-perhaps on the other side,of the panel or possibly on the lamp?? Its very small but I know its there and now keep looking for it. In all honesty it is not noticeable most of the time and the annoyance will proabaly wear off, but as the tv is new I would like it to be perfect or as close too as possible! Should I ignore it and hope it goes away, or should I raise the issue with the retailer now and get it cleaned. I haven't found reports of similar problems in the forum. any thoughts appreciated Greg