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  1. As above.. anyone know if region free bluray players are available yet? (sorry but I never had to follow this market).. but now knowing I can't play a bunch of my blurays, I just have to research this. Thanks in advance. also seeing the BD60 thread, and mention of modding to make it region free... someone talk to me about that too.
  2. well, laser works sometimes. really could be a dust issue. Or it could be on the way out. Either way, its an American PS3 - and I can't/won't be sending it to SONY aus.
  3. Hey, my ps3 just stopped reading discs - anyone can suggest where to find one of these? I might have to get the above from amazon, but I'd like to walk into a shop tomorrow and buy one asap.
  4. quite the movie - the only problem I have with it is rachel weisz "i just got raped by razor penii it hurts so bad, I act so munted" sex sequence with law.
  5. I had people over. I showed them Irobot on dvd. I then show them Irobot on Bluray = HOLY SH*T! + comments like "urgh, after that, i don't think I can watch dvds anymore". We then watched Incredible Hulk and Dark Knight and they're SOLD!
  6. there's a new media server out called PS3mediaserver or something. I've got it - its great. transcdoe play and you don't have to do anything - tell it where the files are and everything is a go (with subs too!). quite amazing. It changed my PS3 to a complete media solution. heart ps3.
  7. me too but I've sort of bought everything I want except new future releases.
  8. If you just bought a ps3 and paid $700 you paid too much
  9. ^ it needs to be said but a lot of cinemas have busted/shitty sound systems
  10. I like to own my movies. I don't think its that expensive if you shop carefully. I also revisit my movies. so it's a bargain to me in the end. I also find it quite funny that some of you listed "CG heavy" as a negative. I've bought a few solely on the basis it was CG heavy and it would look fantastic in HD.
  11. AMAZON US has a new 3 for 2 sale starting 6th jan. I found maybe a few I want to get (CLOVERFIELD/LORD OF WAR/SLEEPY HOLLOW/DESCENT ) I added them to cart to see if prices change when sales start. The currency xchange rate still isn't ideal.
  12. watching it for the first time in 2001 (? - late I know. Never got my hands on it before) I was absolutely blown away by it. Remembering that its all pre CG - the later half of the movie with all the animated smoke (by hand), and the neopunk futurism = f**king fantastic. It rocketed itself up to one of my most favourite movies ever. Its a very exciting movie. I honestly can't wait for this. should also state that the music in this is absolutely amazing. Next up, I hope I get the ghibli movies on blu.
  13. That's supposed to be what the first print copies look like, you can preorder it @ Amazon for $32. might not work that image shack image here but .... wow.
  14. I get 300 blurays in that selection from your link. There are multiple pages. or this link * I don't know if I'm right but did you try to slip in a referral thing in your link? Is that the point of your post? because when I click it before I got this