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  1. I was impressed with the picture quality on GEM for the RWC. I stayed up most nights and watched the pool games as well as the finals (I work graveyard shifts )
  2. Well a week on and still happy with my purchase. Next step is Bluray.
  3. G'day guys! After many years of watching TV on the Teac CRT tele it was time to upgrade. I searched long and hard and settled on a Panasonic TH-P42S20A. Also gone is the Strong HD STB and the Toppy, replaced with a Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder. Linked up via HDMI so I can take advantage of Veira Link. Very cool Picture quality is amazing! And after installing the new toys I had several Component and optical cables left over hehe Still kept the Pioneer DV-686A for SACD's. If anyone wants a good sports TV that's reasonably priced I'd recommend this panel.
  4. I just acquired a Pioneer Rhondo 3000 LP player from the old's - what are these like? Are they any good? The sounds seems ok to my ears
  5. I thought I made it quite clear to EVERYONE that I was receiving Brisbane (Mt Coot-tha) 7, 9, 10, ABC and 31 off the BACK of my antenna and SC10, WIN, 7 Sunshine, SBS and ABC (yeah I get 2 ABC's, lucky me ) from Bald Knob. Because, as I posted on Sunday I bolded the important bit. Thanks for reading.
  6. This is now displaying as '965 Inspire DAB'. There is also 'Global' which I thought would be 4EB but the programs don't match unless 4EB are just playing music on their digital stream?
  7. Ah ok I stand corrected then. But I checked again, the Brisbane stations I am receiving are from Mt Coot-tha and the Regional QLD stations I am receiving are from Bald Knob. Thanks for the info James.
  8. I was under the impression that the Brisbane commercial stations are not off Bald Knob in Digital. But the signals that were being received in the install I did was from Mt Coot-tha. The only channels being received from Bald Knob are ABC, WIN, 7QLD and SC10.
  9. Guys, a bit of an update. I managed to get onto the roof of the house the other day (after being busy around Xmas time) to have a look at the antenna and wiring as I couldn't get any decent TV reception. Turns out the antenna has rusted out, balun is full of water, there was a random diplexer used as a joiner (which itself was loose) and a splitter in the roof (again used as a joiner?) that was full of crud and dust. So down to Laceys, new Fracarro LP345HV, Kingray amp, RG6 quad shield and some new F connector wallplates. Ran new wiring from the roof down to the wallplate, swung the antenna north towards Bald Knob (used GPS to line it up) and did an autoscan. Without the amp it picked up all the Brisbane channels, as well as SC10 from Bald Knob. So plugged the amplifier in and picks up WIN and 7 Suncoast as well . Very happy with the result. Can't believe its picking up Brisbane on the wrong end of the antenna. Oh well, certainly not complaining!
  10. Hi guys. I could be relocating to Caboolture before the end of the year and is wondering if anyone has had any luck getting the signals from the Bald Knob tower in Caboolture? I've done a plot using http://www.heywhatsthat.com/profiler.html to a few places I'm looking at and there is nothing blocking the path between the houses and Bald Knob. So if I put up a decent quality UHF antenna, RG6 cable and maybe some amplification will I get the Sunshine Coast channels? Or am I just wasting my time. Thanks in advance.
  11. There is a new station 'Barry' any idea what this is about?
  12. I'm not getting any ghosting but it does seem they are still using analog playout. But I'm not complaining after years of watching snow I think alot of people will be happy to get 31 in digital instead of having to flip back to Analog.
  13. Its really good getting such good reception of Briz31 (or QCTV or '31').
  14. Coming from the Channel 9 tower. ERP is 150kW ? Maybe ? http://web.acma.gov.au/pls/radcom/licence_...ENCE_NO=1924792
  15. I'm getting better a better signal on UHF50 than I am on UHF36. Very impressed - but means nothing to me all I get is the AC3 soundtrack . However sounds promising that I may be able to get Briz31 really well on digital when it starts.