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  1. Yep, the only SD really was from the drone (probably doesn't have the b/w to transmit real-time HD back to mixing/studio, I notice the drone frame rate seemed to be about half of normal too). Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. I assume you mean 1Mb/s... A gig would be great though Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. I noticed the same. At the moment I watch Modern Family only and notice it isn't HD. I record all the NCIS but haven't had a chance to watch in a while, these were wrote soft and cruddy on SD, will check them out tonight to see if they improved for HD.
  4. You might be right, I have used a PVR as my tuner since 2003, so never resort to using the TV internal tuner normally, I presume this is what you mean by "FTA channels"?
  5. My old M series Samsung definitely lets you set it to 1:1 mode somewhere in the settings, so I am sure the 7 series would also.
  6. It still does, just hover over the Ice logo in your PVR details (well this worked for me on the weekend, Jan 2020 for me ).As to registering to be a creditor, the amount the administrators declare for services will probably be an insult...
  7. I thought Foxtel encrypted everything including saved files.
  8. The Ten SD picture quality was atrocious, made worse by distorting the screen to put in the bottom banner adverts, what idiot thought that was smart?
  9. more like highlights on Ten, the main stif stuff to Foxtel. V8s loss..
  10. Have you checked the discs are ok in another DVD drive e.g PC? Some of my media I burned a long time ago is not readable now, as despite what CD/DVD burning was meant to be about (permanent archive), a lot of media deteriorates over time! Although I guess you tried to burn just now to fault find with same symptoms? Your topic though is different to your fault description, I guess if the topic AND description are happening, it probably is the recorder hardware.
  11. Yep, the HD "Aussie racers" was the teaser to say "haha, you will never get this great quality with the main race, suck it viewers"..
  12. Yep, a travesty missing out on quality HD FTA broadcasts of high rating shows now .
  13. Yep, looked like pretty poor less than the old analogue quality we used to get
  14. Yes, for sure. But unfort it ain't going to happen any time soon