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  1. Thanks! Wow, and you dont even have to rewind to record the buffer. That was the biggest thing I missed going from my old toppy to the homecast. The editing also sounds like an improvment as the only editing worth doing on the homecast is 'top and tailing'. I sometimes convert shows to dvd for rellies, so exporting the ts files is important too. The homecast may be on the way out, so I'll be keeping my eye out for this unit. One more question, can you name timers? ie so that it comes up in the file list as the name you give it and not the EPG name at the start time of recording? Cheers!
  2. Is this PVR able to record the time-shift buffer? ie rewind live viewing and hit record to get the begining of buffer. Also, is it possible to export recordings, via usb memory stick, to a computer (for editing, like I sometimes do with my homecast)? TIA
  3. Could someone please tell me how to create folders in the archive list. I've done it in the past but for some reason cannot do it now. I followed the manual instructions but didnt work, ie go to jukebox mode, hit ok, however no 'create folder' option menu appears. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. At approx 4 pounds per movie is not too bad. Hopefully they have all the special features that the utimate edition dvds have.
  5. Claimed by DonB and posted out today. Cheers, Andy
  6. I still have the following for trade or will sell for $10 including postage: Tyson - A film by James Tobak (documentary) as per link; All trade titles considered except horror or Sci-fi. Thanks
  7. Titles are in the mail. Quo Vadis - is still available. Please PM if you would like it.
  8. *Update* It's the giving season. So I'd like to donate 3 movies to the pass it on titles: Gods and Generals (Aus) - claimed by kc01 Quo Vadis Forgetting Sarah Marshall (unrated) - claimed by Wags All play in region B player. Please PM me if you want them. Cheers and merry Xmas everyone
  9. I have the following for trade: Tyson - A film by James Tobak (documentary) All titles considered except horror or Sci-fi. Thanks
  10. It's the giving season. So I'd like to donate 3 movies to the pass it on titles: Gods and Generals (Aus) Quo Vadis Forgetting Sarah Marshall (unrated) - Claimed by Wags All play in region B player. Please PM me if you want them. Cheers and merry Xmas everyone
  11. Thanks for the reply cwt. I did read the link, just not sure how much of it sunk in The lounge room does open to an adjacent dining room on the right so its a fairly open space. So, if I place my sub behind the tv unit, is there a particular sub I should be looking at? This sub below is on a run-out special and is within my budget. Its downward firing (not sure if its classed as sealed though). Anyone have thoughts on it? It is 150w rms. Another sub I'm considering is the CA minx x200 Its 200w rms but smaller. I'll be auditioning both subs soon. Ozycolin, I havn't seen the aaron sub in my travels yet but still looking
  12. Wow! When did this happen? I thought BD iso's were the only thing it couldn't do.
  13. Thanks for the reponse Yeah, I tried moving the tv to in front of the curtain a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it was a no go for the reason you suggested and due to reflections on the tv from the adjacent dining room window. Made viewing in day light hours just aweful. So the corner was the best compromise. Positioning the sub behind the tv unit sounds like a brilliant idea, I would never of thought of that in a million years. Plenty of room too! (I did think of placing it behind the couch but was advised that was not a good idea to have it behind the listening position.) So will having the sub behind the cabinet cause any issues due to this obstruction? Would it be better to have a downward firing sub in this case? BTW the floor standers actually do have spikes screwed into the base of the stands, so they're fairly stable. The D-400's also have a "built-in" centre speaker too. Its explained in the link above. Basically the top 2 drivers of the l/r speakers have independent binding posts that are wired together and plugged in to the centre channel of the avr. Thanks for your help mate.
  14. I have just uploaded some pics (sorry about the poor pq) of the set up, see link below. This shows what I have to work with for sub placement. Don't worry Ozycolin, I havn't used the fireplace in years Once again any sub recommendations and what to look for in auditioning subs tips would be very welcomed.
  15. Yeah, very limited space between the front right speaker and the brick fireplace being the only place it can go. No room at all on the left. So I need something very compact unfortunately.