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  1. Picked up my copy today and after having to take a trip to my local DVD store to unlock it (thanks to the moron behind the counter at Big W who failed to unlock it) I am watching it now. I can certainly see graininess in some scenes but no more than I notice in other blu-rays in my collection.
  2. If anyone in the northern suburbs of Melbourne is interested in getting Thor 3D you can pick it up from DevotedDVD in Mill Park for $12.95 They remove the 2D Blu, DVD and Digital Copy from the combo pack but if you're never going to watch any of those then I think this is a great deal. I saw Thor at the movies and thought it was 'ok' but didn't think it was worthy a purchase on blu until i saw this price.
  3. New Big W cattledog has it at $48.82 with a 16 page booklet listed as 'only at Big W'
  4. Been looking forward to this one. JB are advertising the limited edition version (with T-rex model) as an exlusive for $109. They are also offering the standard trilogy release for $56.98.
  5. Based on a quick, non-scientific comparison i noticed that the standard blu-ray case is about 20mm shorter (height) than a standard DVD case with all other measurements being the same. I have also seen some slimline blu-ray cases which are all the same dimensions but don't have the same depth as a normal blu-ray case. I only have the one slimline case but to my naked eye i would say it's only about 20% slimmer if that, so not a massive difference. The quality of these units certainly isn't fantastic but as i stated it suits what i need. I'd rather spend a small amount on storage and save some money for buying some new blu's
  6. I know i'm reprising an old thread but as a relatively new convert to blu-ray i have just reached the point of needing to consider storage. I don't have a wizz-bang home cinema set-up by any means so was just after something basic to start with for my 40 or so blu-rays. I was looking for something over a metre high but not too tall, preferably 300mm wide and closer to 200mm deep so there wasn't too much gap left over in front or behind the movie case. Unfortunately most bookcases are quite deep. I ended up going with a $25 tv/dvd tower from k-mart. It's certainly nothing flash but does the job and doubles as a speaker stand for my right surround speaker Blu-ray storage
  7. Yep - cancelled and will pick one up tomorrow for less than the original order.
  8. Not happy, Jan. Just phoned Big W about my pre-order. "will not be shipped until Wed, so you should receive it Thu or Fri" I could walk in to a store 2moro and probably get it for less!! That will be my first & last pre-order.
  9. Just noticed today that Jurassic Park is due out 26, October 2011 (Australia) $56.98 at JB
  10. Yes and no. As much as i was looking forward to the 5.1 sound on One, the negatives far outweighed the positives. A couple of times OneHD 'mucked up' the sound and had muffled main commentary channeled to the wrong parts of the spectrum but the single most annoying part was the 'click' every now and then, particularly each time they went to a commercial. Switching from 5.1 and back again constantly was annoying. I had friends over to 'show off' my new HD TV and sound system for the Anzac Day AFL game. The comments were "what's wrong with the sound?" and "you paid good money to get that? it sounds better on my TV".
  11. Yep. Picked up my 3D copy from JB today. Just had a quick look through before a full watch tomorrow night. I may be biased because i also enjoyed it at the cinema but very impressed with the use of the surrounds in 5.1. Now to connect another 2 speakers and see what the 7.1 DTS HD can offer.
  12. I was very happy to switch to OneHD and see the sharper pic and DD sound. Admittedly, i agree that some of the passing shots are not flash but i haven't seen any HD AFL before to compare it to. I am getting a lot of cu-u-u-tt-i-iii-iii-n-ng out in the sound though which is annoying. Could this be a reception issue? i don't normally have any sound issues. Sadly i guess it will only be the odd game on Ten where we will get any FTA HD.
  13. Flicking between The Departed on GEM (in crystal clear high definition *cough*) and Blades of Glory on GO (576i), the Standard Definition broadcast is much clearer. This is using nothing more than the naked eye to assess the quality. Gem has pixelated panning shots and in particular, their own GEM promo is the worst.
  14. "If the picture quality is not up to the standard demanded by those here that like to do nothing but complain, turn it off." I would have thought the High Definition Programs thread would be the perfect place for people to discuss content and quality of programming/broadcasts. Given GEM heavily promote that their channel is in 'glorious high definition' an obvious reduction in quality is a fair point for discussion.