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  1. Yes, in essence. Remembering there are 2 risks I am trying to mitigate against. Risk 1 is Drive failure. I have everything on the NAS Mirrored on my PC (which has similar storage to my NAS). This gives me the same protection as having drive redundancy in my NAS, but at a cheaper price given my mediocre storage needs (<4TB). Risk 2 is a Fire or theft where I lose both the PC and the NAS (and possible my collection of 400+ DVDs and BluRays which are stored in the same room as the PC and NAS) In that case insurance pays and I recreate it all bit by bit. Anything critical and irreplaceable I have on PC + NAS + Google Cloud storage So essentially I achieve Raid 1 - by using SynchToy on an hourly schedule with a PC + Raid - 0 NAS rather than by using 1 storage location and a 3 or 5 Disk NAS RAID setup.
  2. I have a Synology 212J - 2 Bay NAS with 2 x WD RED 2 TB drives in it. (I have hibernation mode on) I only needed about 2tb, and have 2tb free. I have all my content on My PC, and I use the NAS for a few things: 1 - To stream content around the house (I use Ethernet over Powerline adaptors) 2 - To provide a nearline backup solution (I backup critical things to Google to provide protection from fire risk) 3 - To run bitrtorrent downloads overnight when my PC is off. 4 - To get access to "home storage" when I am at work or travelling (upload photos for example) So I am using Raid 0 to have the drive appear as 1 x 4TB Volume Given the above I don't need more drives and drive redundancy. Very happy with it. Rock solid. I have a Apple TV (in the draw) and a WD Live TV plugged in. The Live TV is more flexible but the Apple TV is way more intuitive for the misses. As such I keep toying with the idea of a HP Microserver or Mac Mini to run an itunes server. The current equivalent would be the 213J with 2 x 3TB Reds, like this: http://www.nexus.com.au/synology-ds213j-budget-friendly-2-bay-nas-server-1.html Note: I use Nexus a lot becasue the guy who owns the shop (John) has been great when I've had issues with things (eg: HDD with too many bad sectors, just replaced it on the spot, and ordering in high quality components for DJ studio builds when silence is critical. Anyway, Hope that helps.