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  1. Just gave a few scenes a quick glance over, light years ahead of the full screen DVD obviously. Quite a bit of grain, but I think that's to be expected, really. The soundtrack choices on the BD are interesting. There's a 5.1 DTS-MA Original Australian soundtrack, and a 5.1 DTS-MA Orchestral soundtrack. They were definitely different, but there was definitely some similarity. It'll be interesting to work out why they have the two. No special features, which is a bit of a pity, but I don't think there have been any on DVD either, so they probably just don't exist. Really, I'm just thrilled to have it on Blu-ray.
  2. I bought it this afternoon from Big W. They had it for $19.72, as a Blu-ray and Digital Copy combo, with the digital copy on a second disc. I'll give it a spin this afternoon and let you know my thoughts. Now all I need is Muriel's Wedding on Blu-ray and my dream collection of Australian Film on Blu-ray will be complete.
  3. I got an email yesterday from Sanity about the release today of The Castle on Blu-ray, and I'm that excited. It's one film I thought would never see HD, and should be quite the upgrade from my full screen DVD. Anybody else as excited as I am?
  4. Has anybody on here purchased this set yet? I'm hoping to buy it tomorrow, fingers crossed I can find one. Apparently there have been some issues with disc pressings of DH 1 and 2 not including the documentary that is one of the main selling points, but WB are correcting it.
  5. Yep, I've done that too. Now they actually recognize me and check the sale before we finish to make sure all discounts have been applied appropriately.
  6. So here I was, thinking this set is gonna be so awesome and I'll have to import it from the US and deal with the fact the first film would be butchered with "Sorcerer's" instead of "Philosopher's" because Australia never ever gets these cool sets, when I discovered a little Australian flag on the Wizard's Collection website. Lo and behold, we are getting it! Before the US as well. It's available for preorder on the JB HiFi site, for $459, below the US RRP of $499 which is unusual. Hopefully around the time it comes out there will be one of JB's 20% off sales to bring it under $400. I already have the first six films in the Ultimate Editions, but will definitely be picking this set up. Anybody else as excited as I am?
  7. Thanks for that, I looked at it online, I couldn't get the BOGOF offer online though. That being said, I was at Big W on Wednesday and thought I'd have another look, and I found a single copy floating around. All good now haha.
  8. I'm so frustrated, I cannot find the Pocahontas 1/2 Blu in my local Big W, and it's really the only one I want.
  9. I actually had a JB order of one DVD arrive the second day after I ordered it. I ordered it late on Monday night, it came in Wednesdays post.
  10. They do, and it is quite nice. My local JB was selling both lenticular and normal for the same price, $29.98, but I didn't dare buy the lenticular and ask for a price match to Big W.
  11. Actually, according to the reviews on High Def Digest, the 3D in Part One is much better than the 3D in Part Two. Part Two was a better film, though.
  12. May I ask why you have the glasses but not the television? I'm sure there is a logcial explanation, I just can't work it out.
  13. Just noticed this thread has been stickied!
  14. They're actually pretty good a lot of the time, like their current 3 for $40 including a lot of titles for sale in JB's 2 for $30. The only thing I don't like is their 'keep the discs behind the counter' bizzo. Not cool.
  15. Sounds good, shame I've already got 3 pairs of each of the first two generations. Will/do they work with the VT20?