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  1. Recently came across with this LG blu-ray player BP730. Wonder anybody who has used this player can provide some feedbacks? Thanks.
  2. Hi Agelessgoodguy, Thanks for your PM. Shall look into it shortly.
  3. I have my 65ST60 set up in last weekend. Can hear constant buzz seating from 3m away. Please advise how you got on with calling Panasonic as I have been thinking to do likewise. Just got the TV delivered less than a week on last Thursday 4/7.
  4. Am interested to get one of this (103) but how to PM to order one?
  5. Saw this Denon DHT-391XP at HN today. Not quite sure the quality of this system. Please advise. I mainly use my Sony 3D to watch FTA tv, DVD moives, PS3 gaming and some CD. Many thanks.
  6. I am considering to get either onkyo ht-S6305 or yamaha Soundbar YSP-2200 for my Sony HX800 LED TV. Anyone know where I can get either one of these and how much it costs? I'm in Melbourne. My tv is in an open-planned family room adjacent to kitchen and the TV is facing a sliding door that lead to our alfresco. The family room is about 5m x 6m. Any suggestion which one I should get? I mainly use the TV to view FTA tv, DVD/BR movies, CD, and PS3 gaming. Many thanks.
  7. The 3D channel is 40 in Melbourne. Not quite sure what channel it is in other states. I was told that you need to have a 3D tv to be able to tune into the 3D channel. It could be true as my 2D plasma tv does not pick up channel 40.
  8. It's alright now. The problem has been fixed by my child! He even taught me how to set it correctly.
  9. Hi can anyone help? I try to watch the NRL Grand Final in 3D on Channel 40 but the picture comes in two (2) screens side-by-side. Is it a way to watch in one (1) screen only? Please help. Thanks. I could watch 3D on Channel 90 but it seems that Channel 40 has better vision in 3D.
  10. I have only a PS3 yet to update to 3D and connect to the tv. Presently I use the tv to view the HD free view tv programs and the pq is excellent. The HD 2D converted to 3D is good but just a bit dark. I have considered Samsung 3D plasma but because of issues such as buzzing sound of the 3D plasma, energy rating, bright lights in the room etc, I finally decided to go for Sony HX800. I have this tv in family room next to kitchen. The family room is normally very bright and we often have the tv on most of time whenever we are at home. I believe I would consider Samsung 3D plasma for my next purchase for my theater room... but this would be a few years later as we already have a LG plasma (42") in the theater room and it is still doing its job well.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys (Kronosx & Dr Zoidberg). I have gone for HX800 as HX900 is way too much $$$. Have got HX800 for $2,999.00 with a 3D glasses and transmitter plus $1,000.00 Resort Cheque of Resort Getaways from Retravision today. All up $3363.00 including another 4 year warranty and delivery. My spouse nearly has a heart attack with my purchase!
  12. Saw it at David Jones (the Glen S.C.) today ticketed at same price after 25% off.
  13. I mean whether it is reliable and performs well. I read somewhere from this forum that Samsung 7 and 8 series have many problems. Somehow I have not read much on Sony HX800.