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  1. Interested in the Rotel Amp if you decide to spilt items up. Local pick nil issues.
  2. Thanks SimonNo10, but at the moment looking at going brand new, Warranty etc..
  3. It's very nice, but I have to agree with Al {;)} I like buying Aust Owned products when I can as long as the price difference is not that big. In saying that if I can't get the Elektra at a reasonable price I will be looking at the Emo's again.
  4. Thanks for the input most likely I be going with the Elektra. Most likely the seven channel one.
  5. Al, thanks for the review, a good read.
  6. Thanks for the web site
  7. Wow very nice.
  8. POV thanks for yr post, my room is already semi sound proof. It still needs some work in that area though.
  9. Hi HTPC-Guru, I like that price, plus I like buying Aust Brands in Saying I'm looking at the specs of the Emotiva plus I Like the fact it comes with a 5 Year warranty. Does anyone know what Warranty the Elektra comes with?
  10. Thanks Oz, I thought they stopped making the MCA50,as I could not see it on Anthem website.
  11. G'day, Looking at buying (Brand New) power Amp 3 channel or 5 channel choices are: Anthem MCA325 3 Channel Power Amplifier, Elektra HD2 5 Channel Power amplifier or 3 Channel Budget 4-5k. Background: Currently using A Denon AVR-3313 to power 7 speakers. Down the track will be looking at Adding 2 more speakers to the ceiling (Atmos), and of course updating the Denon AVR. In closed Home Theatre room. Have already discarded the PARASOUND HALO A31 Three Channel Power Amplifier, A to dear B overkill. Your Thoughts?
  12. get well soon.