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  1. Thanks AlanH, that makes sense. Garbage in, Garbage out! I've seen masthead amplifiers on other aerials in the neighbourhood, I don't have one of those. I've been up in the ceiling and traced the cable from the roof tiles to the point where it drops down into the wall, there's nothing! I will look into getting an aerial+amplifier combo, mmm makes sense to replace the cable at the same time I suppose. No magic bullet, just one with bite marks.... Cheers! -Jiz
  2. Hi all, firstly congrats to the caretakers of this thread, going on strong since 2007! Seems I'm one of the lucky few who get almost decent digital reception from an outdated setup, I bought a AWA digital HDTV about six months ago, bought a v.cheap kingray booster and I was channel surfing like a pro! Of course there's the odd glitch ( I wouldn't be posting here otherwise ) and my question to those informed opinions out there is what part of an old setup is most important to upgrade? (before I let an antennae technician take me for an expensive ride). I have a 15yo antenna on the roof which I've spent hours prodding and poking into the best position. My location is Tanah Merah, just north of Beenleigh. I've tried pointing it towards Mt. Tambourine but it's a no go. Currently it's pointed at a big hill between me and Mt. Cootha. I'm not sure of the cable quality from antennae to wall plate, but it looks 15yo too. No masthead amplifier, No F-type connectors, I did however spend some money on decent cables to go from wall plate to booster and booster to TV. Currently SBS is unwatchable (analogue is passable), very occasional glitches on ABC(s) and TEN(s), all else is fine. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I believe only a slight improvement in signal quality would make me a very happy couch potato indeed.