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  1. ahahahha, i'll drink to that...
  2. ah good point... not sure... need to check my settings... I have a sneaking suss that it wasnt set at PCM, as my PS3 is connected to my Integra Receiver via Optical and not HDMI for audio. So, I think by default the PS3 is set to non-PCM for Optical.
  3. Got Hellboy from EzyDVD. Good transfer... audio could probably be a bit better... but good movie and definately staying in my collection... Lots of good scenes where 1080p really shines...
  4. I can also vouch for Happy Feet. Similarly to Open Season, the picture is amazing, and the level of detail is out of this world. Black Hawk Down is pretty good as well. Can't go wrong...
  5. Just bought Black Hawk Down and Happy Feet, cant wait to play it tonight. I also saw the AU version of Casino Royale. Also, the Sixaxis Controllers are back in stock. Just bought another... Was in JB HiFi in the city...
  6. Also, JB HiFi in Canberra had MI Box Set for about $90. Might get one next week when I drive back... Anyone have the MI Box Set? Is it worth it? Not a very big fan of MI though...
  7. Neither... I bought mine in JB HiFi... Its all region as it has A, B, and C on the back of it...
  8. in the UK it gets released tomorrow... as indicated on Amazon.co.uk... and released in Aus next week... so i might just wait for it in Aus...
  9. I have Open Season and it works on the PS3. Wow! CG on BD is the best way to show off your PS3... Want to get Happy Feet now... Amazon.co.uk seems to have a lot of BD we can play on our PS3... was going to get Kingdom of Heaven, Hellboy and Black Hawk Down.
  10. Interesting... what about the HD-XA1? Is it better than the HD-A1?
  11. Where did you guys buy your HD-1A HD DVD player from?
  12. I run my HTPC, and have a black background and see no witch pachiness...
  13. ripclaw, I have mine wall mounted (w/ vertical swivel). Best to connect HDMI cables first. The rest you can tilt the screen up and plug. The HDMI are a bit harder to plug when wallmounted, a bit of trial and error. But either way, its not a real showstopper for HDMI connections once the screen is wall mounted. Chooky. Try vatoe's settings to begin with, then tweak from there. Its a good starting point. http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?s=&...st&p=495583
  14. I agree with BIV000. I have an HTPC connected via DVI-to-HDMI, and with 1920 x 1080 and 1:1 mapping, the text for me is clear. Played WMVHD avi samples and they are nice and crisp... Have purchased the IMAX WMVHD 1080p DVDs from amazon. Gonna see how this turns out... Am very happy with PQ after some tweaking with settings...
  15. Ola folks. Has anyone figured out how they can program the coloured buttons on the remote? I want to be able to change my inputs via the remote.