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  1. mate..... Easily Australia's No1 sport when you combine attendance, participation and media interest. Nothing gets close. Soccer is popular amongst kids - because soccer mums love the non-contact. It has been that way for years but eventually they start playing AFL or thugby depending on where they live. Eventually more play AFL. Might change in the future but that's the state of play right now
  2. I don't think they can quite claim that yet.... I think there is a good chance that soccer will one day overtake afl as the number 1 spectator sport in the country but it hasn't happened yet.... And don't spin the bullshit stats about soccer being the number 1 sport for kids blah blah blah - it doesn't translate to bums on seats which is where it counts.
  3. GAYFL actually. As the most popular footy in the country I think it is entitled to be called 'the footy' don't you?
  4. sorry not sure if my query has been covered - I read through a lot of stuff but can't quite get my head around a lot of it. I am in Darwin and looking to get Austar because it looks as though the footy is going to have 4 games a week on Pay TV. I currently watch telly through a cheap stb/pvr - is it pretty simple to have Austar and the pvr connected together so that I can record Austar programs and do FTA channels come through Austar or will I have to switch over to the pvr to watch. Cheers and hope this make sense.
  5. is there a problem with the channel info and recording at the moment? I am not getting anything on the tv guide.... maybe other people are also getting the same problem??
  6. Well then maybe it can be ten then. Just seems a bit strange to me. The more I think about it the more I wonder how it will work. If imparja comes to darwin then obviously they can't broadcast the same programs that are already showing on southern cross or nine. But if they become completely ch10 and southern cross revert to completely ch7 then everyone without a set top box in darwin would not have access to any of ch10 programming. But then I guess they dont get that much at the moment.... Looks as though the whole thing has stalled anyway - which is a shame. Darwin could really do with a third commercial channel. On another point - what is going happen to footy next year in darwin when 9 lose the rights and there is no channel 10? southern cross can't show all of ch7's and ch10's coverage???
  7. Yeah except that the new station cant be a ten affiliate if it is a joint venture by southern cross and ch9. I think perhaps the deal will see imparja come to darwin as a swap for ch9 going into alice springs. Not sure what that would mean for programming on imparja - would mean a bit of change though
  8. So what is the end result likely to be with the joint venture? Sounds as though the new station will be digital only which is fine by me. Will it show predominantly channel 10 programs?
  9. did another search and ch9 was found but signal strength is unreliable. Doesnt seem to make sense because on analogue I have excellent ch9 reception. anyone got any ideas? I am starting to think I have to take this machine back. Shame really coz I quite like it apart from this one problem.
  10. Just bought a digicrystal pvr - is it 9000 or something?? and the automatic search thingo didnt pick up channel 9. anyone know why or how I can fix it? got everything else and I am very pleased with it. Quite honestly I am not that excited about ch9 at the best of times and after next year when they lose the footy I could almost go without it but at the moment I would like to tune it in to the set top box. thanks if anyone can help.
  11. I am chasing info about this box as well. Anyone got any feedback on whether they are decent? I know there were heaps of problems reported with the HD 2000 model or something like that. This PVR seems to be the cheapest option with a dual tuner, and also seems good with a usb port and mp3 capabilities. Does that mean it could be used like a jukebox on your telly through an amp?? any advice appreciated.
  12. Where did you order it from? I am in Melbourne.
  13. why the price difference? and can you buy elsewhere? I got ripped off on ebay recently.
  14. Cool. Pretty expensive though. Should have mentioned that i would like to look at the cheaper end of the scale. Any ideas there? Thanks. Anyone know about the Wintal PVR-X10?
  15. I am buying stb for first time and would like one with a hdd. Any suggestions?