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  1. I asked this is another panasonic thread but thought people here might well know the answer. I am wondering what the core differences are between the PZ80A and the PZ800A. I know there are a few features (inc extra HDMI port) but I am wondering whether there is discernible picture quality difference between the two models.... Thanks for any help that current owners might be able to provide.
  2. I know this has probably been asked a million times before so forgive me... what are the feature differences between the 80A and the 800A.?? I was leaning towards the 800A but with stock so low and local prices now high the 80A is looking like a good option. Throw in the Blue Ray player and I'm very interested. I know there is some sound difference but that doesn't bother me as I will hook up to a surround sound system.... are there any major picture quality differences??
  3. there was an article in the nt news last week quoting SCTV saying that they will show all 4 FTA games live. Unless there is an inaccuracy in the reporting or SCTV spokesperson was ill-informed I'm hoping we will get the live coverage.
  4. Darwin now has the best coverage in Australia - all 8 games can be seen live if you have Austar.
  5. so you don't think I can connect the stb to the austar box via rca cable and tune the stb into the austar signal??? damn....
  6. Hi, wondering if any connection gurus might be able to advise me on the best way to connect my new austar box to my tv/pvr/amp. i have a digicrystal pvr and a standard hitachi amp and samsung telly. The austar rep connected me up with the standard connection ie austar box connected to the tv. I can hook up the austar box to the amp directly no worries there. I am wondering the best way to connect my pvr to the austar box so I can record austar programs. cheers to anyone who can advise.
  7. [email protected] - have you heard anything lately re the foxtel/austar afl deal. Footy is my justification for getting pay tv and I am hoping to get in early so as to avoid the rush when a deal is announced.
  8. mate..... Easily Australia's No1 sport when you combine attendance, participation and media interest. Nothing gets close. Soccer is popular amongst kids - because soccer mums love the non-contact. It has been that way for years but eventually they start playing AFL or thugby depending on where they live. Eventually more play AFL. Might change in the future but that's the state of play right now
  9. I don't think they can quite claim that yet.... I think there is a good chance that soccer will one day overtake afl as the number 1 spectator sport in the country but it hasn't happened yet.... And don't spin the bullshit stats about soccer being the number 1 sport for kids blah blah blah - it doesn't translate to bums on seats which is where it counts.
  10. GAYFL actually. As the most popular footy in the country I think it is entitled to be called 'the footy' don't you?
  11. sorry not sure if my query has been covered - I read through a lot of stuff but can't quite get my head around a lot of it. I am in Darwin and looking to get Austar because it looks as though the footy is going to have 4 games a week on Pay TV. I currently watch telly through a cheap stb/pvr - is it pretty simple to have Austar and the pvr connected together so that I can record Austar programs and do FTA channels come through Austar or will I have to switch over to the pvr to watch. Cheers and hope this make sense.
  12. there was talk about the third channel but nothing recently. the rights were offered to the incumbents (SCTV and CH9) and they snapped it up. No word on when it will eventuate though. It is supposed to result in Imparja coming to Darwin and 9 going outside Darwin. Presumably this will mean Imparja into Darwin will be carrying 10 content exclusively and SCTV will revert to CH7.
  13. But we should be getting more..... I could understand Nine's clash of codes causing us to lose coverage of a second game on sunday afternoon last year but if the rest of australia get to see 8 games on fta then we should too.
  14. What football coverage are we likely to get in Darwin this year? Now that seven and ten have the sole rights and are likely to have to broadcast all 8 games on FTA television how many of these games are we likely to see given that SCB broadcasts both ten and seven programs on the one station? The only saving grace I can see is if the deal with SBS comes off. If we are lucky then SBS will broadcast a couple of games a week to ensure that we get a maximum coverage of games. Still I am sceptical about the whole thing - call me a pessimist but I can't but think we will be ripped off and short changed due to remoteness..... By the way I rang SCB today to ask about the proposed coverage and surprise surprise it hasn't been finalised yet.
  15. is there a problem with the channel info and recording at the moment? I am not getting anything on the tv guide.... maybe other people are also getting the same problem??