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  1. They're probably right. Semi-solids usually have a HMR particle board in them. Where a solid door have solid timber pieces. There wont be a huge difference between the both of them considering they're both fairly dense.
  2. Ahh that explains it! I thought they may have gone bust...
  3. Yeah they had a pretty quick response time when I spoke with them via email. There's no Australian distributor so anything that comes into the country comes out of China. Still, it's a little worrying nobody has any experience with these speakers to chime in on.
  4. How sealed does the room really need to be? There's "sealed" and then there's "sealed". Couldn't you direct air into the roof space?
  5. I didn't know this. Then again, the room I had one in wasn't completely sealed so we didn't have any issues with it. I wouldn't expect a return vent to be a massive issue anyway - depending on the unit/room size. You could just install a door vent if needed. I don't know how much that would compromise sound isolation because they have louvers on them which would reflect sound while still letting air escape.
  6. Evap coolers need a return because moisture will build up in a room otherwise. Not good! But reverse cycle is an entirely different system. It actually does the reverse and de-humidifies the room. So no. You don't need a return.
  7. Haha yeah. The old white van trick. I've heard it 1000x times before. I actually found these on another forum someone posted from the UK - and how good they sound. So I did a little digging because I'd never heard of them, and was surprised at how well they've been received... Thus my post
  8. Looks like any 4ch amp to pair with the 720 is going to cost me about the same as the 1120 anyway!!...
  9. Hello all, Just wondering if anybody has had any knowledge on XTZ speaker systems? Particularly the Cinema series? I haven't heard them but someone offered me a good deal on them and they seem to have gotten rave reviews from what I can tell... I don't know much about them and I can't demo them for myself, so even if I considered them, I'd be flying blind.. Normally I'd turn away from them considering the circumstances, but taking into consideration the reviews.... they seem like a good thing
  10. Selby have the best pricing I've found. Tried a few different people. Stick with them
  11. I don't think you can get a 1.35 ratio scope screen. They're normally widescreen. 2.xx If you mean 2.35 scope, and you watch 2.40 content, you'll get bars top and bottom. And visa versa if you watch a movie with a smaller ratio than the screen's native (ie; 1:85 ratio on a 2.4 screen or 2.35), you'll get bars on the left and right. We have a 2.37 ratio screen, which for 80 - 90% of the content we watch is full screen. If I watch a 2.40 ratio movie on this screen (bigger than what my screen is), I get very slight black bars on the top and bottom. Whether they bother you or not, is up to you. Some people HATE the white bars on left and right of the screen with a passion when watching content. For me, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Though lately I have been slowly shifting towards picking out movies that are widescreen over 1.85. If it were up to me, 2.35, 2.37 and 2.40 are all very similar at 130". I'd go 2.40 over 2.35 because the majority of widescreen movies I have are infact 2.40. But again, it won't be that noticeable. You'll be happy with any one of those ratios.
  12. I boil it down to cost vs overall build quality. Can you buy a cheap $2 HDMI cable and have the same picture quality as a $300 cable of the same length? Yes... Will it last as long as the $300 cable? Most likely not. That doesn't mean you should go and buy a $300 cable. But don't be afraid to spend money on something that's built to be bent and jaded through holes for service runs. Typically around the $30 - $50 mark I've found good quality HDMI cables.
  13. A bit off topic but what the hell happened to JB?! They used to be the place to go to for your speakers and AV gear. I was in there yesterday and couldn't believe how bad it's gotten in terms of speaker choice.
  14. Haha yeah but....Atmosssss! [emoji3] Yeah I'll look into the 720 with a 4ch amp. Ill have a look now and see what anthem have got. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  15. No you're right. It takes analogue inputs and outputs. So i'll need an external amp to run it too. But again, that's something i can add-on down the track. At the moment, I'm interested in the Mini DSP for bass because its only about $400. And the 1120 can deal with the mid/highs with some wall treatment until i buy the 88a. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk