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  1. Hi Is this the wireless version? Cheers
  2. Hi Will this fit epson 9100? CHEERS
  3. Hey Webbsy Pleas PM me prices for both the x35 and x500 Cheers
  4. Can you please send me the GB price for the x35 and the x55 Cheers
  5. Thanks Yorak for organizing this Gb. Just a quick question, what number are we up to. I'm at 9053
  6. K1LL3M Count me in as a confirmed also Cheers
  7. Im interested also. Can you PM me the details
  8. I would also be interested if a group buy was organised and the price was sub 1k.
  9. Mark Is the corrector an option on a new MkIII Lense
  10. Simon Is this sub still available? Im in Caroline Springs, would love to have a look. This is my first post, how do i get my contact details to you?