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  1. Thanks Paul55, the lure of the TAPs is certainly strong. There don't seem to be as many though, is this potentially because the boxes are more mature these days? The Beyonwiz EPG page certainly frustrates me every time I go to it!
  2. Hi all, Was going some research for a friend of mine and 'discovered' the new Toppies. As some background, I used to own at the original Topfield 5000 and loved it, especially the TAP's. When HD came to Oz, I upgraded and have never really been as happy. I currently use a Beyonwiz S1 and have been so for ages. I've been browsing this forum and the Topfield forums and it seems as if the TRF-2460 Masterpiece HD Plus may be worth my investigation. Am I on the right money here? I don't need external media access, I have a Mac that does that, I do use IceTV but some of the vagaries of that frustrate me (they seem to get stuff in Perth wrong a fair bit) and still really miss JustEPG which I see is available for the HD units. I can't stand the idea of a Freeview limited machine, so is the 2460 the way to go if $$$'s are no object? Thanks, Simon....
  3. Argh! Wish I'd seen these before I bought 'em last night. Oh well, you get that.
  4. Is it only me that remembers when JB's first started and they WERE the cheapest around? Their strategy worked, for the best part.
  5. Good luck. From speaking to guys from the UK at work this week after the Avatar debacle with Target, it's obvious that the consumer in Oz isn't looked after at all. The guys tell me that, for an item to be advertised at, say, 20% off - it has to be 20% cheaper than the price over the last 6 weeks or else steep fines are available. Bet JB hope that doesn't come in here.
  6. Just ducked into Target to get some cheap books and ended up spending $135 on 2x cheap books and some Blu's at bargain (IMO) prices: Hmmm, docket doesn't record names but I got Dracula (SE), Crimson Tide, Corpse Bride, Courage Under Fire & Coraline for $26.99, 16.99, 16.99, 24.99, 16.99 and 16.99 (sorry, can't match them up). Thank goodness for the scanner in the area! None of the prices on stickers match.
  7. Tell them and tell consumer affairs, nothing will probably happen, but it definitely won't otherwise. The only issue is, I don't think it's against the law, just immoral. Simon....
  8. To me, it's just good manners, doesn't matter if it's unwritten or written. Which is why I PM'd the author of the LOTR Trilogy post concerned, asking if he'd do it for less. My Mum always told me, "Do as you would be done by"...
  9. If it's still available, I'll grab this. PM sent....
  10. Same thing for me, see my other post in this forum. Time to call the ABC, I think. I did a rescan, thinking it may have been an ABC3 related issue, but didn't fix it. Simon....
  11. Hehe, yes, you can and I wouldn't argue with you. Some of the effects were good, but the story sucked. Don't know what came over me. Each to their own. Simon...
  12. For Sale: Region B copy of 'Knowing' in the standard tin box. Bought it yesterday, watched it last night, don't want it any more . $25 if collected in Perth, $30 if wanted elsewhere posted in a padded bag, with extra bubblewrap. Cheers, Simon....
  13. Sale Pending to Roachy... Anyone interested in Series 1 of Mad Men? Don't know if it's Region free or not, but it's definately Region B I didn't watch this on SBS, but heard good things about it so bought from JB's it in my first Blu Buying frenzy. Great series, will get S2 as soon as it's released. I'll sell it for $40+postage (cost me $55). Interested in 2001 and A Bugs Life if anyone has them and doesn't want them any more. Cheers, Simon....
  14. Anthony, I think it's time for another 'Well Done' in compiling this guide, especially with the new channels now. You're doing an excellent job and it's sad you're not compensated monetarily for it. So, you'll just have to make do with the compliments. Keep up the excellent work and have a great 2008! Simon....