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  1. Sold - $600 via FB, new owner VERY happy...
  2. Come on guys, no-one? $700 takes it away today....
  3. Thanks, if only there was some interest. It's still a great TV, far better than a new $1000 unit IMO.
  4. Hi all, I upgraded my beautiful 55" Sony Bravia HX92 a few months ago now and the sale to a friend has fallen through, so I am trying to offload it out of my house again. It's in PERFECT condition, still a great TV, comes with box and 3D glasses, all in perfect working order. This was a top-of-the-line unit back in 2012 and i was still happy with it when I upgraded, just wanted a larger screen :-) Here's a review from late 2011: Looking for offers, but am looking around the $800 mark. I would strongly prefer a Perth sale, to be collected.
  5. Not the boxed set, which is what I am getting too. I saw this in Melbourne a couple of weekends ago as I won't be in Perth when it's shown on the big screen here. It was awesome!
  6. Wow, here's a blast from the past. Sirhc55, I'm glad that my review helped you. I've long gone from needing the product now, but it certainly worked as advertised! Enjoy it...
  7. Arrived in Perth this afternoon, thanks AS! Unfortunately, it won't fit in the car boot - I will have to get a mate to assist Friday... Will look great in my new place in 2 weeks.
  8. I bought both the BluRay version and the 2560x1440 version. Ie watched the 2560x1440 version on my Dell U2711 and it looks stunning at that resolution. Obviously, watching it on the TV via VLC down converts it to 1920x1080, but it still looks good on the bigger TV (55" Sony 925). Highly recommended.
  9. Sorry guys, saw there was renewed interest and had to move quick
  10. Jeez, talk about thread drift. It is available and I've only not posted here 'cos I have other things in life to do and this FS thread was going nowhere. I said it was a great TV and was, and still is, worth $1000 in my books. But, it's no good being worth that sitting in my spare room, which it still is. I'll make a concerted effort to sell it in the coming weeks. Ho, ho, ho and all that... Thanks for the entertainment this morning.
  11. I'm a realist. It would make me cry to see it go for $750, but if that's what it takes to go to a good home, so be it.
  12. Okay, fair enough. $750
  13. Not one bite :-( Oh well, off to the notice boards at work...
  14. Hi guys, Well, I bought myself a Sony KDL-55HX925 on Saturday, so my KDL-46XBR45, bought in June 2009 is available to go to a new home if none of my friends take it. This is still, I believe, an excellent TV and would still be a great buy today. I upgraded because I wanted a new toy and blacker blacks. If I don't sell it to one of my friends, I will be after $1000 cash, collect from NOR in Perth. No bargaining, as is. It's in total 100% working order and unmarked, price fixed. Receipt available, but obviously warranty expired. Cost me over $4K in 2009, but that's life - I've been very happy with it :-) Here's my post from when I bought it: Let me know if you're interested.
  15. If I had a pool room, it probably would. No interest, anyone? Too cheap?