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  1. Think the voucher, was abused something shocking over the day. More than they ever anticipated. So they cancelled the code.
  2. BIG W: $10 e-voucher. N o minimum spend (excludes Postage) BABY10 Apparently can be used multiple times. Hint: dont apply code until ready to checkout as it messes it up if change the cart after applying.
  3. JB HiFi Having a 20% off Bds this Sat and Sun ONline and instore
  4. Sanity has a 3 for $20 currently, http://www.sanity.co..._For_20_Blu-Ray Found a few interesting titles, for that price
  5. ezydvd has 20% off everything inc. pre-orders atm
  6. http://www.sanity.com.au/specials/1129/WHV_Clearance_Titles Has some pretty decent prices. May interest some
  7. Jurassic Park Trilogy (6 Discs) Only 13.99 Pounds from Amazon UK atm. (About $25 delivered)
  8. Don't draw this out in the forums to make up for you own mistake. See: http://i45.tinypic.com/25zqav6.jpg You never let me know if you wanted it or not, nor that you had ever paid. Neither did you supply your address. Im not a mindreader..
  9. I still need your address.... Can't send it anywhere without one.
  10. Up for grabs is; Unknown (Liam Neeson) AUS Blu+DVD+Dig $10.00 Delivered The next three days (Russell Crowe) Blu $10.00 Delivered Salt Blu New and Sealed $10.00 Delivered The Social Network 2-Disc AUS Set with slipcase New and Sealed $10.00 Delivered
  11. Up for Grabs is: Die Hard Quadrilogy (AUS) 5 Disc Set. Mint, still semi-sealed (sliced down edge so discs could be watched) PM me any offers you may have.
  12. The Men who Stare at Goats (AUS) $7.00 A Knights Tale (AUS) $7.00 The Waterboy (AUS) $7.00 The Day The Earth Stood Still (AUS) $7.00 Home of the Brave (AUS) $6.00 Kick Ass (AUS) In Slip Cover - Still Has Plastic Seal (Opened only at Top) $7.00 Hot Fuzz (AUS) $7.00 All Price include Postage
  13. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (AUS) (Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital) With Lenticular insert for cover $25.00 Delivered The Town (AUS) (Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital) $12.00 Delivered
  14. Up for grabs: The Below are 2 for $13.00 The Men who Stare at Goats (AUS) $7.00 S.W.A.T (AUS) $7.00 Windtalkers (AUS) $7.00 The Last Samurai (AUS) $7.00 Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride (AUS) $6.50 A Knights Tale (AUS) $7.00 The Waterboy (AUS) $7.00 The Day The Earth Stood Still (AUS) $7.00 And the rest: Get him to the Greek (AUS) $8.00 Kick Ass (AUS) In Slip Cover - Still Has Plastic Seal (Opened only at Top) $7.50 Hot Fuzz (AUS) $7.00 Swordfish (UK) $8.00 127 Hours (Blu + DVD +Dig) (AUS) $12.00 Below Have No Artwork/Cases: Notorious (AUS) No Case/Artwork $3.50 Unstoppable (AUS Blry + DVD) No Artwork/case $6.00 Rambo 3 No Artwork/case $4.00 Resident Evil : Afterlife Review Disc - No Artwork/case $5.50 Body of Lies (AUS) No Artwork/Case $4.00 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (AUS) No Artwork/Case $4.50 King Arthur (AUS) No Artwork/Case $4.50 All Price Include Postage
  15. the first 2 quite pricey, i.e. Jurassic park is $50 and Rambo only $45 at Sanity Alright price for the local godfather set though