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  1. I have to concur with Nonny, on pretty much everything stated. I've got two PS3 (actually one atm as the slim bricked it last week) and 2 Xbox 360's and the 360 is by far the more used machine. The live interface is better (in my family's opinion.. not making a statement of fact here), I always purchase 360 titles over their PS3 counterparts when cross platform. I've had both consoles since launch day and still the PS3 in the cinema room is more often than not only used as a bluray player and review machine.
  2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) looked absolutely gobsmacking with the 3D conversion on. The tutorial level where he's hanging from the train was amazing. Granted it is a beautiful game anyway, but in 3D even better.
  3. Look what just arrived rather unexpectedly! Thought I'd let you guys know so you can get excited!
  4. I just came on specifically to let people know this was the case as it sounded like if you don't pay the postage within that time they will probably cancel the promotion on you, which sucks. Nice one Pheggie for getting there before me.
  5. Hi Darockk, I don't think it is, I can't view it here on the Gold Coast either, damn annoying. Also Adelaide is apparently not getting it and even parts of Sydney! I don't know why they made such a big frakkin deal out of it when it clearly isn't available to a lot of viewers. #Channel9FAIL
  6. Hi guys, it seems we have some differing opinions on here, but I told a couple of people I would return with some thoughts so here's mine jotted down whilst I was watching last night, pasted below because I said I would and I'm pushed for time today ..... Decided I would write a bit whilst watching the start of the socceroos game being shown in 3D. Firstly the clarity is amazing, it's like tiny people through a window. Even the commentator mentioned the realism and how he felt like he could reach out and touch them. I am assuming this is different commentary to the 2D broadcast or them mentioning how amazing it is all the time would be annoying for 2D only viewers. The only negative to the visual experience is slight ghosting with things in the distance and on the periphery, but this is only really noticeable because I am checking for it. There is also a bar down the left hand side of the screen that is a tad annoying. "if you think you're on the mcg you might be right" states the commentator. Definitely clearer on items in the foreground and of course the computer generated menus and info looked fantastic. Also the seagulls deserve a mention for trying to fly into my living room out of the screen lol All in all if this is the first broadcast, I can't wait to see where 3D goes in the future. As a huge gamer, playing Uncharted 2 in the forced 3D was astounding, so I can't wait to see where additional media like this goes also. Hope these notes help someone and thanks again to the guys at DTV for sorting out my screen issue. Sent from my iPad
  7. Thanks Tony! You were both right. Much appreciated! Now they'd better win tonight! lol
  8. Davmel!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an absolute gem!!!!!!!!!!! We did it!!!!!!!!! Well YOU did it, if virtual gifts were possible I would jet one off to you. I can't thank you enough, this has stressed me the hell out today lol. The box was set to the 14:9 ratio! As soon as I changed it.. BAM we're all good. THANK YOU!!!!!!
  9. I'll go into the settings and look, but when i turn to my MyStar box it tells me the resolution and it's 1920 x 1080 @50Hz. All my channels are working fine. I am worried the original problem is being lost in a chinese whisper lol. All I want to know from those people who have a Samsung 3D TV and MyStar (or Foxtel)... When you go to channel 200 and turn on 3D, hit the side by side choice and put the glasses on, is it working automatically for you or did you need to tweak something.
  10. Yes I saw them, but I know I can view all types of 3D from tru 3D stereoscopic etc. I can see 2D to 3D np and I saw the 3D demo in the store, my vision isn't a problem, thus me answering and saying I can view 3D fine. Hope that clears that up and sorry for seeming to ignore them, I wasn't.
  11. Yes I know, thus my point. And I can watch 3D fine. Anyone? DavMel.. what are your settings to get that image?
  12. No it is a brand new box. And all other HD channels seem to be working fine. The 3D channel is working as I say, but it is side by side imagery and when you engage the side by side feature, it displaces the image to too big a degree for regular 3D viewing. I hope that makes sense, I know it is sometimes hard when dealing with written communication. Maybe it will change when the game kicks off later
  13. When was I having a go? I wasn't for the record. I wasn't having a go at anyone here, so if you feel I did towards you, please show me where? Yes via HDMI and its the new HDMI.
  14. Hi NotVeryTechie, I'll let you know if I get it working of course, but as it stands at present it is either side by side or that displaced mess in the image I posted earlier (or 2D to 3D which you can do on any channel). I am actually surprised no one else has posted about this, I thought everyone with a 3D TV would have Foxtel or MyStar to see tonight's game.
  15. LOL omg are you guys serious? Errr duh. Has anyone on here actually got Fox sports 3D, a 3D samsung and has it running perfectly in full screen? That would be helpful. I generally know my tech gear, so please enough of the did you put the glasses on and the batteries in it. Anyone else tried or is it all guessing from people who haven't? Surely someone on here has a 3D Samsung with Fox Sports 3D? No?