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  1. Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me. I had a high gain antenna installed about 8 years ago and am now having signal issues when I plug it into my Tivo box. It was watchable when I had it plugged into my tv and only had minor pixelation now and then. Whereas Tivo is unwatchable for the most part but will have short periods where it will have minor pixelation and is watchable. I live at Cornubia and im right behind a hill. Below are some of the details of the system I have: - Large high gain antenna on a 10 foot mast - 26 volt booster located in ceiling (its also a 4 way splitter but only using two) - rg59 cabling As it was very expensive to have this installed I would like to fix it myself if possible. It is my assumption that the signal only has to be slightly improved to work well enough to watch as the pixelation is minimal at times. Below are some changes ive been told may help: - Change to rg6 cable - use a booster that goes closer to the antenna. eg mast Is it likely that these changes will make a difference. If so which will make the most difference? I'm hoping that booster technology may have progressed in the last 8 years and I can simply replace it with a better one. Please help Thanks in advance Rob