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  1. hi yorac, could i please have price information on this please?
  2. Hi , also interested, can I have details please?
  3. am looking for a ua467000 led tv, retail seems to still be around 1900 - 2000 mark, was qouted $1700 from harvey norman, anyone heard of better than this?
  4. im looking at buying one of these projectors, ebay has the x30 from an australian audio visual store for $3099 brand new, how does the x3 compare to this projector
  5. am interested, please let me know details when available
  6. which harvey norman
  7. good luck with it, digital cinemas after sales service leaves a lot to be desired, take note anyone considering purchasing from them!
  8. wonder if any of these stores would price match with simply electronics, youd think they would
  9. have tried this with no luck! thanks for trying though!
  10. ouch! not great reviews, although wasnt reccomending them, just saw they had the cheapest price
  11. im trying to! hopefully just need more practise
  12. well they do go down, then get back up again, then go down, then back up again, then go down, then go back up again.....................................
  13. am playing this game, just wondered what other peoples thoughts were, seems a bit button mashy to me and enemies take way to many hits to kill, seriously takes about 15 20 hits to go down, when you are up against 10 or so enemies it takes forever and found myself avoiding fights cause i couldnt be bothered
  14. simply electronics have it for $1969.00 seems to be best price
  15. think i may go this way chopsus, local repairer also had never heard of this common problem, thanks for your help