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  1. ^ haha i have to agree though
  2. $12k get some Seaton actives and be done with power amps
  3. anyone here ever demoed these against paradigms in the same room? Thoughts?
  4. Ahh the high speed part and not having 4K in the title threw me
  5. couldnt find the 4k premium comsol 10m cable. must be all gone
  6. Thanks, pretty much sums up what i have read over at AVS for the last couple hours.. What a joke? They are talking about hdmi 2.1 and they dont even have this hdmi mess sorted for hdmi 2.0 So how did you get 4k working? what cables do you use? My projector run is 12m away not much i can do about it
  7. Hey guys, Thinking about upgrading the projector and just want to get the hdmi cables right.. So my run is 12m from projector to marantz anyone on here able to pass 4k content properly at that distance. Did a bit of reading over at AVS and seems its a nightmare.. Might be why Oppo is having so many dramas this time round aswell.
  8. After meeting David and attending a gtg i always got the impression unless your willing to spend big bucks with him he doesnt have time for you.. let us know how you fare.
  9. When did the 7500 get released? And when is the new Jvc model next due? This year or next year?
  10. what you upgrading too mate? i think we were the first 2 in sydney to have this pre
  11. Its so good it doesnt need to be calibrated and they have a 77" Yeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!
  12. Looks very nice... can panasonic pull a rabbit out of there hat or is Sony taking my money
  13. Yeahhh that looks sickkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!