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  1. A couple of years ago, I bought the Cambridge Audio 640R 7.1 receiver with a pair of Orpheus Aurora 3s floor standing speakers. The plan was to build my home theatre over time by adding the rest of the surround speakers. Since then, I've added the following: - 1 x SVS SB12 Plus Subwoofer - Oppo BDP-83 SE - 1 x SVS AS-EQ1 sub equalizer There are two connections to the Receiver: - 1 x Analog Connection from the Oppo BDP-83 SE - 1 x Digital Connection from my Beyonwiz PVR I might add a DAB+ Tuner into the mix, but beyond that I do not see further connections to the Receiver. When playing from the Oppo, I set the CA 640R to "direct mode" to utilise the Oppo's DACs. I've decided that I'm quite happy with my 2.1 setup. However I can't help but feel that perhaps I should have gone with a stereo amp. Although 70% of my use is for HT purpose and 30% music. I'm fairly happy with the stereo performance of the CA 640R, but I still can't help feel that I'm not getting the most out of my setup. That for the same amount of money, I could have purchase a stereo amp which would provide a lot better musical performance. Is it worth me upgrading (replacing) the CA 640R with a dedicated stereo amp? If so, what amps should I look at. What are the pros and cons of going with a stereo amp for my 2.1 setup. Thoughts?
  2. Check out the ad from Selby regarding the Onkyo for $1399. It's on this page. Onkyo. Plenty of features and power. Plus it's heavily discounted.
  3. I saw your ad on Saturday. When I googled the check the difference between this unit and the SVS. "The AS-EQ1 and Sub Equalizer are identical in performance. The Sub Equalizer is for the installer market and requires the Audyssey Installer Kit for calibration. It also allows you to place the 2nd subwoofer in a separate room (zone)." So to get this working, I need to get the Audssey Installer Kit for calibration whic would be an extra $500??
  4. Try these guys Ugly Cable . Reasonable prices and they deliver within a couple of business days. Happy with their quality.
  5. Check out It's 30% off RRP. Note, $15 for minimum fee for delivery Victoria. Happy with the product. Can notice the difference in the picture quality on TV. Haven't really tested out the audio side of things if it makes a noticeable differece.
  6. Has anyone have the Oppo BD-83SE hooked up for 2.1? Oppo Support emailed to suggest: "You will want to connect from the discrete Stereo Output for audio into the Front Left/Right analog inputs on your multi-channel analog input. You will then connect the Subwoofer to your Subwoofer input. Go into Speaker Configuration and set the speakers to SMALL with Subwoofer set to ON. This should allow you to take full advantage of the BDP-83SE in a 2.1 configuration." This basically allows you take advantage of the "superior" DAC on the stereo outs. However, I've read on the AVS that using the dedicated Stereo out sends full range ie. frequency 80hz and below is still sent to the FL and FR which is consistent with what the manual is saying as the speaker setting (for size, trim, etc.) only take effect when connecting via the multi-channel outs. So I tested with the "Rives Audio CD 2" and found that with my setup (Oppo stereo out to my receiver's analog in FL and FR, and Oppos's Sub out to the receiver's Analog Sub in, FL and FR set to "small" and other speakers set to "none" in the Oppo) - pretty much frequency below 80hz is sent to the sub and non on the Fronts. Once it pass the 80hz, more and more coming out from the fronts and less and less from the sub. Note, if I set the fronts to "Large", then they were producing sound when feeding frequency as low as 25hz. Like to hear your experiences to using 2.1 analog for the 83SE.
  7. Price updated to be $249 ONO.
  8. Bump! Price is negotiable, PM me if you have a reasonable price in mind.
  9. Product: Denon 1740 DVD Player Features: 1080P upscaling, Region Free, Plays DVD, DivX, CD, VCD, MP3, WMA. Burr-Brown 24b/192khz DAC. Denon DV1740 Condition: 8 months old. Excellent Condition. No more than 30-40 hours of play back. Reason For Sale: Bought an Oppo BDP-83 Price: $299 ONO (+ postage and insurance). This product retails for $449 and has had some rave reviews and won the 2008 "Sound and Image" magazine's DVD Player of the year Notes: Remote and accessories included. However, this does not come with it's orginal carton box as I have thrown it out for recycling. Please PM me if you are interested.
  10. Check out this supplier in Melbourne. BD-83 $1020 BD-83 SE $1620 All prices included GST, postage and insurance and 12 month warranty. The machines have been mod to be region free. If you're in Melbourne, you can pick it put and he'll further reduce the price. He is situated in Croydon (eastern suburbs).
  11. I'm thinking of getting the 83SE too. How can you tell if your receiver has a "true analog pass through". I own a Cambridge Audio 640R and the manual states when selecting the "7.1 Direct" input that "..these connections are pure analog for best sound quality and no DSP processing or bass and treble adjustment by the 640R is possible". So I take it no exta a/d/da conversion will be done. Also, who does the mods so you can play it in Austalia? If you buy direct from the US you lose your warranty, whereas buying from Merlin Audio, you get the warranty.
  12. How do you know if the AVR does A to D to A in 5.1/7.1 Analog input? I have the CA 640R and planning to hook up the Oppo BDP-83SE (for its better DACs) via the analog inputs. But wouldn't want to waste money if it ends up using the AVR's DAC.
  13. Planning to use analogue connection for the SE in order to utilise its more advanced DACs. I'm confident the 640R would be a good match for it. Not too keen on purchasing a new AVR just to be able to use the Audyssey.
  14. Thanks. The journey doesn't seem to end. Seems like once you upgrade something, you want to upgrade another....