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  1. I agree that having a dedicated player is the best result. As to the method of connecting I am using an NAD CD player with an Onkyo 807 amp. I have tried both and I found that using a digital coaxial connection the sound was brighter to my taste (but did have a tad more volume). I have stuck with the analogue to my amp and let the NAD do the processing as my personal preference is the warmer sound this gives. As often stated what you like is in the ears of the listener.
  2. TS2 has shipped still no word on 1
  3. ahh thats it , funny could not see that in the help files, well better get posting !
  4. Thanks Stera, now if I can just get this PM thing working
  5. Hi folks new here so bear with me, I have a region A Casino Royale to trade or sell. Bought it thinking it was region free but got the wrong version.