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  1. sorry which is spam my post or update ?
  2. bump still have these will take offers close to $350
  3. djmvc I can't PM you yet but these are still available
  4. sorry sold on the weekend
  5. I have been fortunate that nothing has gone missing but the parcel contractor is a bloody nuisance, we kept finding packages in all funny spots until one day I was home and heard a thump of one landing when he threw it from the gate ! chased him up the driveway and he denied it the cheeky bugger
  6. the fix PKK suggested worked for me and got past that sticking point
  7. Folks have a QX-2007 6 piece (5.1) set no longer being used due to upgrade. It has a 10" active sub (auto switching) with 160 watt amplifier ranging from 20Hz to 200Hz and QX-07 satellites rated at 100W with a frequency response of 80Hz to 23 kHz. Still under the Jensen 10 year warranty and in perfect condition are great for movies in a smaller room. These are in black colour. PM me if interested.
  8. Price Updated
  9. I agree that having a dedicated player is the best result. As to the method of connecting I am using an NAD CD player with an Onkyo 807 amp. I have tried both and I found that using a digital coaxial connection the sound was brighter to my taste (but did have a tad more volume). I have stuck with the analogue to my amp and let the NAD do the processing as my personal preference is the warmer sound this gives. As often stated what you like is in the ears of the listener.
  10. Have recently upgraded to an 807 so this is now for sale. Is in perfect order and was doing a great job for a 5.1 and zone 2 set up. These are also a nice musical amp in my opinion. Comes with manual, remote, audyssey mike etc. Thinking around $550. PM me if interested.
  11. oh thought that since you were looking for the stereo track EAC would help but in that case I think your are stuck as the copy protection for the SACD layer is very tough, having said that I have seen DVD Audio rips on some of the sites so worth looking to see if someone has managed a backup of what you are after
  12. I thought that SACD also have the standard CD tracks on them and will play in a CD player so perhaps EAC will do the trick ?
  13. Hi I installed a pair of the Tropix very recently and they sound great
  14. thanks heaps for keeping this alive, I made my XE1 region free last night set to film and popped in my UK LOTR disc and was stunned at the quality
  15. never going to be an oscar winner but I never had the XE-1 and a good reasonable set of speakers when I watched it the first time