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  1. Hi Alan, Thanks for the great information in this thread, it is Fantastic. I am in Petrie (one of the suburbs mentioned in the first post) and have poor reception for DTV. Analogue worked OK (except SBS which often had snow, varying from a little to a lot, and no Bris31). I have a few DTV tuners I have tried, some work OK, others break up a lot, none are brilliant. The antenna and wiring look to be old, and the wall sockets are dodgy "PAL" type connectors. There is also about 6 wall sockets running off the antenna. I only need one (but I will split this into 4 tuners in my HTPC using a powered splitter), so i am thinking of replacing the antenna and running new RG6 cable and F type connectors to the one socket that I need. Is there further advice you can give me on what antenna(s) etc to buy, given that I am in one of the "problem" areas mentioned? Thanks in advance, Martin