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  1. That's just BS. Kell deals with the sensor, not the display. It is a trivial exercise to create an image consisting of 540 lines of one colour alternated with 540 lines of another colour and hey presto, 1080 lines of information! Now that we have a camera which can deliver over 1080 effective lines of resolution, therefore the display can show all of these lines.
  2. Just reporting back to the group... Ended up installing an NEC based setup, 4000 lumens @1280x800. We bought a 200" motorised screen, and the school chipped in some money towards the screen which was a big help. We installed it ourselves so cost all up including a Blu-ray, HD STB & cabling was around 8k. The result is fantasitc. We've held movie nights, state-of-origin, melbourne cup and numerous school presentations. PQ is brilliant at night, and pretty darn good during the day. It's hooked in nicely with the Hall's AV system so the sound it pretty good too. I'm so glad we went for the 200" display as the screen size is amazing. Josh.
  3. http://nextbigfuture.com/2011/11/red-camer...ts-scarlet.html 4000 lines at 30fps. Should render a "real" 1080 picture even after Mr Kell has had his say...
  4. Just reporting back to the forum... Ended up going for the Bravia 55" (55EX500). I liked the pic, wifey liked the brand, and got a god price from JB with 5Y warranty and some other stuff thrown in. Looks good in the lounge room, fricking big!
  5. Thanks everyone will check it out.
  6. Hi All, Wifey has just informed me she is organising a new TV for my upcoming 40th With the whip-around of friends and family the budget is $2k. Have decided on LCD, happy with good CCFL or LED if the value is there. I haven't been looking at the market for a good year, so I am not sure what is around. I quick surf of the usual suspects online (JB, DSE) only came up with (excluding all the rubbish) Bravia 55" 100Hz CCFL Approx $1800 LG 55" 100Hz LED approx $2k Do I have any other options? Any opinions on these two?
  7. Thanks Mark! Our hall is not equipped for sport, but the cage is a great idea all the same. Can I ask how much you paid for your setup overall? We have a hall much smaller than yours it seems, I'm guessing around 12m deep with a permanent stage. I'm currently looking at the Sanyo PLC-WXU700A which will be roof mounted, with a VGA cable to the sound room for DVDs and wifi for presentations given by laptop on stage. It's 3700 Lumens and WXGA (1280 x 800). Price is $2700 + installation with a 3yr warranty. I'm going to experiment with a home made 4.5m screen (2400h x 3840w), with a view to going back to a electric screen if it doesn't work out. The fact it will mount at the back of a permanent stage means the fixed nature of the screen won't be an issue, and I'll probable cover it with a curtain with the school logo embossed which should be a nice look. So that's the plan for now, I'll keep you posted.
  8. Thanks! I'll check them out.
  9. Crikey! If I was to propose spending $50-$100k on a projector setup I would be laughed out of the room! Not only does the P&C not have that kind of money but they also do not have the political will to see it all spent on a projector setup if they did, as there are so many competing interests within the school. Part of the challenge of working in a P&C is doing a lot with very little, which is why I need to see this through with $5k or less, and deliver something that will be useful to the students. Sorry Weff I don't mean to offend, I value your advice and will definitely be in touch with some professionals before I do something crazy. However I just don't have those sorts of funds which is proving to be the major challenge. I checked out the school hall the other day; it turns out that the light control in the hall is really good. There are shutter controls on the windows and with the doors closed and the doors shut the hall is really very dark. Also the screen will be above / on the stage (where students are not allowed) meaning that a fixed MDF painted screen (maybe with curtains to offer a little protection) could be viable, or at least worth the experiment. If I look back at the viewing distance calcs I don't need much more than 720p, and as movies will be shown from DVD (576p) my reasoning is that I would be happy to compromise on a 768 screen. Thanks again. I'll keep you posted. Josh.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, Unfortunately I don't think I can sell a 10k expenditure to the P&C. We do have some control over the light level, but in daytime it will not be in a darkened room. We have a fair bit of play on throw length, we can mount it anywhere from 2-10m away from the screen. I would be looking at a 130 - 180" screen. Any ideas what price I would be looking at? Remember we are projecting to 10 year-olds, not HT enthusiasts! Thanks again, Josh.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking into getting a projector for my kids' new school hall, as apparently the $2.3 million price tag did not include one I want to throw a big picture for movie nights, presentation days etc, and have it bright enough for use when there is a reasonable amount of ambient light. Wide-screen is a must, but I am not too concerned between 16:10 vs 16:9 or having a 1080p display. My reasoning is that the primary school kids are not going to be too critical of black bars when they are watching snow buddies and I would happily trade such factors for a good value projector. I was looking at the Panasonic PT-AE4000E Full-HD Home Theatre Projector but am concerned that 1600 lumens will not be enough for my needs. The Panasonic PT-F300E LCD Large Venue PROJECTOR looks good but is a 4:3. The Optoma EH1020 DLP High Brightness FULL HD Large Venue Projector looks really good on paper but I am suspicious, if only because it looks a little too good. I have no idea what screen I should be getting, other than it needs to be electric and cheap Budget for the projector is under %5k (and preferable under $3k). I have no idea how much screens cost. Does anyone have any experience or tips? I've had a look around the forum and not found much on large venue projectors so apologies if I have missed a good thread. Any help much appreciated. Josh
  12. In a world where a screen is 2-dimensional and the square-law applies A 58" screen has around 35% more square inches of real estate over a 50". Therefore the screen is physically around 35% larger therefore heavier.
  13. I like the idea of streaming tv/movies wherever I am sitting in the house. Also it works really well on the plane where you don't have room to open a laptop. Nice and portable too. I have a laptop bag full of stuff required to operate on the road. With this all I need is the tablet which slips in a stachel.
  14. Already done: http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/air-mouse-p...d289616509?mt=8
  15. Newsflash: Using a computer requires a keyboard and mouse...