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  1. By the way, the speakers are Made in England, not china like the newer models. And I'm selling them because they're too big for the tiny apartment I will be moving into soon.
  2. B&W 602S3 Speakers in Brisbane Hey, selling these speakers. They're in perfect condition and have an excellent sound. Can do a quick demonstration before sale to prove they work fine. Comes with grills. This site has some reviews: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/bo...93_4290crx.aspx RRP is $999 but I'm selling them for $550. Pickup only. I live in Hendra, which is between Brisbane CBD and the airport. (near toombul) just pm me if interested. Thanks Hish Without Grills With grills P.S. the pic of the speakers with grills on was stolen from a member of this forum. I just wanted to give an idea of how they looked like.
  3. very useful article! I sent it to a friend who was thinking of buying a HT setup.
  4. very helpful post. The calculator actually helped me improve my hi-fi setup's sound. Thanks!