Forum Advertising

DTV Forum publisher, Sound Media Group (SMG), provides its Forums in order to assist consumers exchange information about home theatre installations, audio visual products and television reception.

SMG acknowledges that private consumers will wish to exchange information about services and products and their virtues, including prices, but its Forums should not be used as vehicles for gratuitous advertisements by suppliers or their associates.

SMG may delete postings it judges to be gratuitous advertisements for products or services and may restrict the privileges of, remove, or ban, members it judges have been responsible for posting gratuitous advertisements. Suppliers of products judged by SMG to be in breach of any of these guidelines, as well as persons judged by SMG to be associates of such suppliers and to be in breach of any of these guidelines, can expect long suspensions for an initial guidelines breach, and increasingly lengthier suspensions for subsequent breaches.

Definition of "Advertising"

For the guidance of forum participants (who are NOT categorised as Commercial Members), gratuitous advertising means advertising that is not called for in context. Advertising can include the inclusion of a business website address, email or contact details within a member's signature or a member's profile.

Commercial memberships be offered for businesses wishing to promote their product or services in a fenced off area of the forum. contact [email protected] for details. Commercial members are not to promote products or services for sale in the general forum areas. Commercial members may promote their businesses within specified limits in their display name, signature and avatar.

Where SMG forms the opinion that some advertising is uncalled for and appears to be coming from a supplier or an associate (who is NOT a commercial member), SMG will apply the following penalties - an initial suspension of supplier and/or associate for a first offence for one month, with a ban on the creation of threads for one month after reinstatement, to (2nd offence) suspension for three months, plus a ban on thread creation for further three months, to (3rd offence) 6 months suspension etc, to (4th offence) final banishment.

Account Misuse

Misuse of your account by being an annoyance or hindering the experience of other forum members is not acceptable. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to:

  • Non-adherence to the Forum Advertising Rules;
  • Spamming (malicious or not) any forum or subforum;
  • Misuse of the Private Messaging System and/or Email System;
  • Harassment of other members;
  • Use of a sign-on name or avatar to impersonate another member or an unrelated person;
  • Misquoting other members posts
  • Continually ignoring the description of a forum. That is, posting non-related threads in non-related forums.

Penalties for Account Misuse range from suspension to account deletion.

Personal Information

SMG respects the National Privacy Principals of the Privacy Act. We will endeavour to take steps to protect any private information from misuse or unauthorised disclosure. Members ARE NOT allowed to post personal information including names, email addresses, phone numbers of any other person. Members ARE NOT allowed to post copies of emails from other persons on the DTV Forum without the prior consent of that person. The SMG Moderators have the right to delete any references to personal information that they have been made aware of, and suspend or ban the member who posted that information.


SMG serves banner advertisements from paying sponsors on the DTV website. The use of ad-blockers is discouraged, as it directly effects DTV's ability to create a revenue stream that is required in order to cover operating costs of this website and resource. Through some simple settings, you can allow DTV to display ads within ad-blocking software and we respectfully ask that you do so.

Only relevant ads will be displayed on the DTV website.

Author's Responsibility

Considering the real-time nature of this message board, it is impossible for SMG to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. Please remember that SMG does not actively monitor the contents of posted messages and is not responsible for any messages posted. That legal responsibility remains with the forum member who is the author of the message.

All comments, opinions and advice contained within these forums are written by third party members not related to nor employed by SMG or its nominated subsidiaries. Views and comments are not condoned by, nor shared by SMG nor its subsidiaries, and forum members post under their own risk.

Any matter deemed illegal will be referred to the relevant authorities if warranted.

Misuse of the forum should be reported to Moderators immediately using the reporting facility available on each forum post.

SMG has the ability to remove objectionable messages and will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if it is determined that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realise that particular messages may not be removed or edited immediately.

No correspondence will be entered into by SMG, nor its nominated representatives, on any breach of these guidelines.