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  2. JVC x500 replacement lamp

    Where do you buy the original lamp? Online? I thought all those sites (myprojectorlamps and Ozlamps etc.) were original lamps.
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  4. Prometheus in 4K

    Last week I got John Wick 2 and Prometheus when there was no discounts but the guy there he know I purchase from Amazon and knocked off $10 for the both of them so I bough them. You will not be disappointed with prometheus. Even before the Movie starts (on the Main Menu) you will be startled by the PQ.
  5. Projector Or Large OLED TV

    I'd stick with the 4 Atmos speaker and just run a set of outdoors in your alfresco off Zone 2
  6. Enjoy the screen and 5.1.4 is no slouch of a system
  7. Prometheus in 4K

    I watched this on again on bluray a couple weeks back and loved it this time around. Maybe it's an upgrade if its in the 2 for $40 UHD sales that JB have jumped on to compete with Sanity. I never took nay notice of this title on Sunday. Just saw that JB didn't have UHD copies of Alien Covenant or John Wick 2
  8. Prometheus in 4K

    I would say that any TV that has the Best contrast and has the higher nits at say 10% will be the best to see this movie. The Funny thing is the LG is well known for not being good in black and dark movies like Unforgiven, Deep Water Horizon, and others but in Prometheus its somehow shown to be different and the Movie is Dark. Maybe because the dark scenes have some good HDR bits in there to light it up when its dark.
  9. Prometheus in 4K

    Put your sunglasses on because the Battery torches will blind you. In General this is a 2K Intermediate and looks VERY good not just the blind you bit and when you look at Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood) this is a REAL 4K but the Worst real 4K you can ever see and by this you cannot go by what real and fake 4K anymore to get the best for you and your telle
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  11. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    I understand you are not happy about having to put your had in your pocket to fix your projector, and I'm sorry to be so blunt, but its seems you are a little out of touch with the reality of running a "business". A guy who mows laws for a living charges around $100 per hour and doesnt have to pay rent on premises, pay staff including sick pay, long service leave and superannuation. Pay accountants to do GST returns, company tax returns, weekly staff payroll etc. Pay for insurance on premises and public liability. Cover the cost of warranty on your own work etc, etc, etc, and MAKE A PROFIT because its a "business" not a charity. PLUS, after all that hand over about one third of what profit you do make to the government. Still reckon you are in the "wrong line of business"? I hope you never have to call a plumber.
  12. If only I could afford that pre/pro!!
  13. My understanding is that the system works by taking the original Left and Right stereoscopic views, synthesizing intermediate stereoscopic views, and then projecting this range of separate views across each seating position. Here's my own quick diagram illustrating the general approach:- SET OF VIEWS AIMED AT EACH CHAIR ADULT VIEWER SEATED IN DEAD CENTRE OF CHAIR Full right ==> Outer right ==> ( RIGHT EYE Inner right ==> Central ==> < NOSE Inner left ==> Outer left ==> ( LEFT EYE Full left ==>
  14. Ive always put this conundrum down to persistence of vision with the brain melding the 2 images Mark but that is a simplistic view possibly You will be heartened by the work being done by Douglas Trumble who has the means now ; 4k and digital cinema frame rates to revolutionise cinema viewing
  15. So back to projection, the link doesn't really shed light on how the system might work. 3D is made up of two 2D perspective images. How does the brain separate these left and right images? With the current 3D, if you take the glasses off, you see both the left and right eye perspective at the same time, even though both images are being displayed L R L R L R. The images are being refreshed way too fast for our eyes to see a difference, so we see a blurred double image. It is the shutters of the glasses that allow us to see the two images independently.
  16. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    Thanks guys really appreciate it. I can't wait for this house to be built and enjoy this room! A build thread will be started once the construction of the room starts. Thanks again
  17. Blu Ray Title Trade

    PRICE DROP Have a BRAND NEW unopened copy of American Hustle (Bluray+Digital UV) $7 includes delivery
  18. Prometheus in 4K

    great to hear. i have on uhd and cant wait to watch before covenant.... big fan of prometheus so interested to see what they have done with this re master. has great source ... though a 2K intermediate... there is still plenty of goodness to work with and possibly we will see the 2k in all its glory for first time. let alone what HDR and wcg brings to party
  19. Blu Ray Title Trade

    Up for grabs: [AUs] Get Out (New/Sealed+UV) - $16 posted
  20. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    If possible I would definitely use the XPA-5 to power the Neuphonix and Epicentrix. Having the Dynamix hooked up in series (like Hopefullguy mentiones above) will bring the nominal impedance to 12 Ohms - which is actually easier for your AVR to handle. That's a good distance from the rear wall and would definitely suit rear surrounds. Sounds like it's going to be one very impressive system!
  21. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    in my room 6.5m x 4m x 3.1m high i run rears. some people seem to think rears are a waste of time.. i dont and in your room size with 2 rows of seating i would definately have them. as for the 2 sets of side surrounds mine are in series (technically forming a 16 ohm load.. 2 sets pf 8 ohm klipsch) which works fine with my denon 4311. if in parallel it would be 4 ohm load and althogh do able not advisable. i dont run seperate amps but from all my reading use the separate amp for the fronts and the rest off the marantz.
  22. No you don't so yes I guess I was unlucky. My setup is a very simple one, Projector, Bluray player, SVS ASEQ for the Sub (used to run 2 subs) and an amp. Everything except the Krell is plugged into the latest Thor Power Station and I have the system on it's own circuit as well. Did a full upgrade on my main power circuit board outside about 2.5 years ago. ARC is amazing and I came from using Audyssey Pro Kit and the difference in my room was very noticable plus you can make adjustments to everything.
  23. Jvc x30 lamp light flashing

    Sorry for the late response, I was away all of last week on training :(. Thanks so much for the offer man, thats really kind of you. I had already paid the cash to the repairers though, i felt i was almost pot committed after having paid the quotation fee. I am definitely in the wrong line of business.
  24. Do Anthems usually have this many problems? You must have been unlucky i presume as you dont normally hear of Preamps having issues like this especially Anthem. I have always wanted one :(. I have never heard ARC but everyone seems to feel its the best.
  25. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    Thanks again Michael for all of your knowledge and advice. I am using a Marantz SR7010 with an Emotiva XPA-5 to run the extra height channels and was planning on using it for the front stage. By taking the load of the front stage off the AVR should it take the extra 2 Dynamix in series or would I be better off leaving the AVR to do the front stage and use the spare channels on the XPA-5 to do those extra side surrounds? I will have the rear seats about 1200mm from the rear wall and think I would definitely benefit from rear surrounds. Looks like I may be investing in another pair of Dynamix haha. thanks again for any advice you have. FYI I have already purchased the Neuphonix and Epicentrix for the front stage with 2 sets of Dynamix and 2 Seismix 3 Subwoofers.
  26. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    Hi Cameron, No problems at all. If you added rear surrounds they would at least be "discrete"... in terms of being given their own independent feed. In longer rooms such as yours there is a benefit in adding rear surrounds as it fills out the back of the room. In an Atmos configuration this means you'll get the sound coming from all directions rather than having a hole at the back, so if possible it's something I'd recommend. It is good to have a little distance between your rears seats and these speakers though if possible, and one main reason for people not utilising rears is that their seating is right up on the back wall and they are just too close. With regard to the array option, running them in parallel could be too much of a load for your AVR, so hooking them up in series would be the way to go. If you are running a power amp and have some spare channels on that then running a splitter from the AVR pre-out is another option. Keep in mind with this array option that the speakers will be getting the same signal (not discrete), you also won't be able to adjust levels individually and you also won't be able to EQ them separately. So it's a bit more of a technical option and something you could always chat to your dealer about if unsure. With all these options just make sure your AVR/processor/amp has the capability to run the number of speakers you require. With placement, yes it's better/easier to pick one position and then do your angles from there. As you mentioned, it can be tricky as you want a great experience for as many viewers as possible. I've found with many room designs that you can get fairly close to spec for both rows with a small amount of compromise. Cheers, Michael
  27. Projector Or Large OLED TV

    Hahaha Thanks guys. I will be able to do a test run on the wall before I install the screen. At the moment I'm at 7.1.2 as I was going to use the back atmos speakers for the al fresco. That was the compromise with the wife. This will work?
  28. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    Thanks Michael. That gives me some ideas. If i run with 2 sets of side surrounds would you still have the rear surrounds? Also placement of the 4 atmos speakers in this scenario you really need to pick a spot and go from there don't you? I am happy to do that and it will be my seat in the front row but also wanting it to sound as good as possible for everyone using the room. Thanks again Michael
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