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  3. I'm in Perth, whereabouts are you. Happy to look at sending it via a courier
  4. Is the BD locked to A?
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  6. Trolls US version brand new and sealed $30 posted Accidently ordered 2 of them from Amazon.
  7. And that's actually just the connection between NBNCo and the ISP (node). There's no rules on between the node and peoples houses. I did follow up this factoid as it did seem like one of those things someone says and people accept cause they're inclined to. Seems its based on this Service Level Agreement. Section 12.1.a.ii Regards Peter Gillespie
  8. Red Spade Audio's AV8, all round - Going an AT Screen?
  9. I wasn't aware of that... how bloody ridiculous! JSmith
  10. Brand new, unopened unit with full warranty $800.00
  11. You are way better off not even engaging with it mate.

  12. Squeaky Wheel generally works, especially in large organisations where most make there careers out of doing as little as possible - such people are quick to realise the worth of shutting up a noisy customer.
  13. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the thoughts and suggestions so far. And thank you Michael @ Krix for your response here and email. I'm putting some deep consideration into the options currently. Now to nail down the projector. Still undecided between the top end (not laser) JVC or the 4K Sony. Has anyone got any experience with the newest JVC's and the way they handle native 4K? Is it sharper than standard 1080p using their faux 4K trick? Are we actually getting ANY extra resolution? Or is it yet again resolving to a 1080p image? Scott
  14. I was not talking about the commercial networks. They indeed use VAST at their sites. I was talking about ABC, and SBS is included as well, because both of them still use Optus D1 to feed remote terrestrial retransmission sites (aka sites that are within the Remote Central & Eastern and Remote & Regional WA footprints). They're also used on self-help setups, which means they're used in almost every terrestrial retransmission site. The only cases of ABC's and SBS's VAST services being used for on-the-ground retransmission that I am aware of are private MATV systems. I have a feeling that you're making an assumption here. I have been on the field and witnessed self-help installations, entirely funded by councils, which already had ABC and SBS broadcasting a digital retransmission of their Optus D1 services. These existing Optus D1 setups were left intact and the commercial VAST equipment was installed alongside during the rollout. I have also witnessed brand new digital retransmission equipment being installed that utilised both Optus D1 (ABC/SBS) and VAST (commercial) to save costs. I know for a fact that self-help installers consider this a normal setup, presumably to save costs. The cost savings in only having to decrypt, remux and remodulate 9 services instead of 17 would be substantial and would far outweigh the cost of needing a second dish and cabling pointing to Optus D1.
  15. Lets stay on topic everyone. And saying that..................we were supposed to be getting NBN later this it's been pushed back to H2 2019...............
  16. Now this is what we need; A team of engineers has just used a new type of laser-based transmission technology to smash data transfer records, achieving an incredibly speedy 57 gigabits per second at room temperature. ... no probs with 4K then! What a shame Australia's fibre infrastructure project has been botched... JSmith
  17. I had no problems with Deadpool. Never heard of the other one.
  18. Price Drop.. $4900 Including Freight...
  19. I agree that generally the squeaky wheel get's the most attention (not always positive), but that is generally when someone is actually a paying customer for an existing service rather than a possible customer for a service that cannot be accessed yet for some time in that area. JSmith
  20. Yes that is quite clear... the question is why? If it wasn't to obtain a faster install and simply confirmed information available online... what was the point? We're all interested to know now as we all want NBN faster! JSmith
  21. I was giving some advice to another member, stating that you can call to speak to someone. Simply put there was no need for the tone of your comments ..
  22. Mr C, please clarify what on earth you are on about? You rang NBN Co and "hassle the hell out of someone"... why? Was the current information available online not enough for you... you felt the need to "hassle the hell" out of some poor sod trying to do their job? It would be great if we could all understand your mindset here, since you raised the point of contacting NBN Co. Your other comments simply don't deserve a response and are completely off topic. JSmith
  23. Another great contribution from you ... another reason why people say they don't frequent this forum as they used to.
  24. Nice to hear Bernie ; theres a lot of different methods being used to author these uhd discs with their graded colour spaces and nit levels ;lets hope some consistency comes , Bad enough with firmware upgrades for 2k bluray
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