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  3. Picked this up yesterday came with a bonus Yamaha ISX-18b which is pretty cool. Got it all hooked up last night and have it a run....super stoked with the sound on my 7.1 really had some good punch. Excited to getting my Atmos up and running next. Sent from my MHA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. Price drop to $1700. Bargain if someone's looking for a top of the range pre pro made in Japan, copper chassis, 32 bit DAC, etc etc!
  5. Hi,I'm trying to connect my new IQ3 box (I currently have IQ1). I'm getting the F100 "no satellite signal being received" error message. I have spoken to Foxtel but no luck – they just want to send out a technician in 2 days time.I have 3 outlets in the wall: The left hand side one goes into a splitter and the two coming out of the splitter go to the TV antenna input and the other goes into the Foxtel box input1. The middle one goes directly into the Foxtel box input2. The right hand side one goes directly into the power point.What am I doing wrong?
  6. Bman as mentioned don't read too much into my post. Only that I strongly believe you need to research more. Which believe you are. I don't think you should be blindly be buying something wondering what you are going to get. Not at this sort of money. You should know and be absolutely clear. Hold them hostage on the order. Refuse to accept unless they can confirm in writing ... also are you absolutely sure you know what you are getting, have you seen in action ? Are you comfortable with cash spending that you are getting what you are after. If you are, get it, if you are not, which sense you are, should be putting on ice... thrres no need to be the first one ... can always be second
  7. Not the 1st time that the US variant gets the upgrade mate ; I remember once getting a Yamaha avr with composite a/v switching ; so ticked that the US model got the "upmarket" s -video switching [and my 1st projector had this strange s video input ; then I learned and was p..ssed ] .This was before even component analog switching Consider too that it costs more per unit to cover a larger screen with nano material than a smaller unit and large screens cost disproportionately more than smaller 65" etc screens ; so anything to keep the costs down comes into the bean counters purview .. how cheap is this brand new technology ; why havn't all the skyscrapers in the worlds windows been coated to cut uv [ its invisible to natural light wavelengths] and cut back air con costs If you do go the sony ; and later uhd bluray ; think about all those dolby atmos and dts-x tracks on them that need a top notch audio system to really enjoy the movie .. The sound is as important as the picture and if you overspend on the display ; something has to give .. was that too subtle ? it was wasn't it
  8. I had my daughter and wife do a cryptonology on your post. I think you are trying to say the microphone does say he works a company named Twit (as on the microphone) but really the guy holding the microphone knows about nano technology but its the LG person who should know everything about it including the models that use it. As for lemmings, If I think that I am following what others do its a no, because I was told I will be the first person in Queensland to get this TV, yeah I got an email with this stated. Yes, I need to do more research and I will do this tomorrow as I have contacts in LG Korea and I am going to hammer them with a few questions, mainly why does their flagship super LED/LCD does not have nano technology. There would be a reason for this and if I am lucky I will get it or maybe I won't be allowed to post it on this forum, but I would not be surprised that they couldn't get it working successfully on an 86 inch. The part I can't understand is why do you want nano technology on a 49 inch TV or a 50 inch one? (around this size). They talk about keeping the colours and not having stray colours going elsewhere with this technology, you would think this was more important to do on an 86 inch TV where would it would be more noticeable than on a 50 inch TV. Something is not right here.
  9. Brand new Yamaha RXA3060 for sale, factory sealed 4 yr warranty from March 2017. Rrp $2999 make the best offer over 2200 and it's yours.. pick up from Kellyville NSW or shipping via TNT at buyers expense (won't cost much). I've sold many new and used items through this forum and everyone has been awesome, so thank you and cheers to Everyone on DTV Forum! Message me if ur interested 😎 Halfcast.
  10. Have the following Blu-Ray movies for sale - Opened, watched once, excellent condition - ALL $5 each - PRICING INCLUDES POSTAGE New titles added in blue Leatherheads (US Edition) Stranger Than Fiction (Special Edition / US Edition) Wonderland (US Edition) The Express (The Ernie Davis Story / Inspired By Real Events / US Edition Elektra (Directors Cut / US Edition) Antiviral The Mist (Stephen King's) American Ultra Pet Sematary (Stephen King's) Vigilante Diaries AWOL-72 Freaky Deaky American Muscle Dolls Burning Palms Outlaws and Angels Nebraska Killing Season Kalifornia You're Next Tigerland Looper (Double Play / Bluray+Digital Copy) Drive Wild At Heart Ultraviolet Saving Mr Banks Last Knights Escape From New York Fantastic 4 - 2015 Maggie (Bluray+UV) Bone Tomahawk PENDING Stoker Out Of The Furnace Legendary Amazons (Special Collectors Edition / Produced by Jackie Chan) UK Version PENDING IP Man 2 (Special Collectors Edition) UK Version Angels & Demons Includes over 90mins of special features) UK Version
  11. I do not understand what you trying to say. More Research well enlighten me. Please Write so I can understand what you are trying to say. Remember I had a Stroke and find some impossible to understand.
  12. Hi Folks, I have finally got started on my build, screen wall frame is up for an AT screen and now working on the bulkhead, Once this is completed I will be building a false wall in the rear of the room, this will be about 900mm deep X 4000mm the width of the room and will house a rack unit and provide access, I have plenty of depth with the room so no issues there, My intention is to have a Mitsubishi Signature Split mounted on the false wall, at the rear, however my concern is that this unit and from what I understand most split systems only recirculate the air and do not provide a fresh air supply, is this going to be a problem??? The room will be approx 7500mm deep X 4000mm wide with 2650mm ceiling and will be pretty much sealed off, the only avenue for any fresh air will be from the rest of the house under the H.T door...I have no intention of sound proofing the room, it's more for light control, So I am after some real life experiences with anyone who is running a split with no fresh air supply in a closed room, any issues with this??? My installer reckons this won't be an issue because just about any movie will run for no more than 2 hours, and then it will be doors open for a toilet break, allowing plenty of fresh air in and any stale air out...thoughts? Thanks Andrew..
  13. sorry mate.. you cant lose that view :-) just to watch a movie. ithink it will work the way you want it. the first time.. as a multi purpose room there will always be other considerations imo stick with plan 1. i think a nicely positioned and installed screen that retracts would fit nicely in that bay window space.. but i am only thinking out aloud. as suggested if you are sitting 2.5m to 3m away i would go 600mm from floor. personally 3m is close enough though.. but you can move the seating as you test things out.. maybe 3.2m does it best. you will be surprised what a 10% increase or decrease can make to your eyes.
  14. good stuff ! will be good to know .... though the die is cast ...
  15. My copy of passengers from the US hit Melbourne today so can tell you in the next couple of days re RF on the 3D.
  16. One of the limitations of a dual purpose room is that you are often limited to when you can use the projector. Given the size of that window, you either have to install block out curtains or only watch in the night.
  17. the microphone does say TWIT on it now as much as they want you need to be a twit and get this telly. dont be a lemming... * the small print... ofcourse I couldn't resist... and I am partly joking so hopefully taken in the jest its meant ...but honestly and more seriously. I believe some more research is required.....
  18. yeah was surprised in the week from the uk. amazon seem to despatch pretty much same or next day with discs I notice. yes was very surprised to see tracking info on basic postal order... needing to sign for it as well....* we can only hope on trump helping our dollar ! *what I wasnt so sure about was that when went to the door postie hadnt pressed our bell and had already ! written out a delivery card...gave it to me
  19. i ordered doctor strange & some sneakers for the wife & i, 6 day turnaround from amazon uk. mind you it did take them almost 2 weeks to dispatch the order.
  20. Beautiful finish. As an alternative to shalac, have you ever tried epoxy (AKA liquid glass). I've used a fair bit of late and it not only self levels, there is no sanding or polishing required. I have a vacuum chamber and degas so I don't have to worry about bubbles, but you can get rid of most with a heat gun or flame torch. Just don't burn it.
  21. Have look at this the same Person doing the Talking Mr Tim Alessi Senior Director of Product Marketing and he says NOTHING about 75 and 86 Inch model not having nano tech look at 8 min and 36 second on Trying to find more info on this sit as they said for more info on this tv's
  22. Glad that you are getting so much enjoyment. Fruits of your labour and thought.
  23. Don't know about early but mine arrived today from JB. will be watching it tonight.
  24. Bass buster thread I would be interested in that. Watched private Ryan and it was intense. I must say that I thought this Sub could not match the SVS PB13 set at 16 hz. As this one is a sealed Sub tuned to 25 hz. Maybe its because its right next to me and downfiring and its coming up under my chair but the Bass is intense. Very surprised as well that a ported sub and sealed sub seem to be working very well together. Tuned through Ypoa on the Yammie 3020 even with 2 ch music the bass is tight and not over bearing.
  25. Yes I will say Me mainly because of a person with credentials that works for LG. How can he get this WRONG? or missing saying more If you look at my first Post the very first Post I was suspicious that something was wrong About the Nano on all the Models but what I want you to do please view this youtube video that I have copied on both youtube and AVS because the the Lg Person Mr Tim Alessi Senior Director of Product Marketing either Does know (Same as the Samsung well dressed Guy that tells everyone that his TV have HDMI 2.2 in our Local Shop) Or he wasn't prepared to saw at a later Time the 75 and 86 will have nano Technology. LOOK AT 14 min and 10 sec on Youtube or the same on the AVS Forum and make your decision. Look at the AVS Forum Listen Carefully there is no comment on NO nano Tech for the 75 and 86 inch or another model coming out in 75 and 86 with nano tech. NOTHING!! This is deceptive and WRONG on all counts. This person deserves the Sack because I believed him and what Scott was saying and this is the Reason Why I put a deposit on this TV in the first place.for better Black and no bleed in from other colors (LG 86SJ957T.) I can tell you this I will now get this TV and I will test this Tv with everything I got (spears and Muncil Calibration Disc Digital Essentials and HFCR) and if I find any Interpolation issues, Color Bleed, Banding, Clouding anything that not to be there I will contact the Seller and tell them to Contact LG and Stick this TV in their AR.SE At least after I become aware of this I contacted the seller and told him to Contact LG and the Answer came later as The 75 and 86 will not have nano Tech. .
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