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  2. Did you say getting the best picture quality ? Well, there is only one way or two ways to get the best. Get it done by a pro calibrator or learn to calibrate your projector. Getting the correct greyscale calibration is the most important aspect in getting the best out of any display device. There is no other way to get to the best.
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  4. You could get the Epson eh-tw9300 - which seems to be a nice little projector. It's about $4k. $4k is probably going to be your entry point for something decent. I got my x5000 for about that price and that's been brilliant. We use it quite a lot. If I didn't get the x5000, i probably would have gone for that Epson because it doesn't have a lot of input lag. Which I don't know if it's important to you or not but it's good for gaming. But it's got a nice picture too from what I've read on all the reviews. Check out With the recliners, you can get some a little narrower than what I've got in your pictures with about 500mm either side to spare. The ones we are looking for are a love seat in the middle. It means there's no arm between the two center seats. Good for couples and it reduces the overall width. Though it's not really ideal because you're pushing those side listeners up against the side walls with a 4 seater which takes them out of the rear sound field. Ideally with our width rooms (about 4m), 3x recliners is about as wide as you'd wanna go, though I know it's not practical when you have people over - it does look better though. It doesn't look like you're trying to squash a 4 seater couch in the room that can't fit it.
  5. Everything has to be compatible these days When you do get a new player [ at least cheaper I spose ] a good one will give you a better 10 bit colour depth in a bt2020 container rather than the rec709 2k has . Its only going to get more incompatible with hdr10 plus; technicolour hdr; dolby vision; HLG and hdmi 2.1 needed for the 1st of those
  6. Hi Dylan, it truly has been of great assistance. The room will be a dedicated home theatre room now. House we are building also has a family room and rumpus, the master bedroom will also have a TV if I wish to watch. I had allowed 1K for a soundbar, so will put this towards a better spec projector. Just haven't decided which one. I was settled on the BenQ W2000, maybe stretch to the Epson 9300 reportedly obtainable at around $3400. Any recommendations? Need to ensure the 4 recliners give me some room for access, even just to close the curtains etc. Pretty sure I'm also going to remove the ceiling fan, and possibly look at an oscillating fan. Although with the higher ceilings it may not be to stuffy. We have Ducted air con throughout the house. Thanks again, the quality of the pics are fantastic. I'm not doing anything special, but think it will still look great. Will ensure I add a couple of pics, we should be in Nov or Dec of this year. Cheers DK.
  7. While I have mentioned it in other posts, it is not in this thread. If you are into classical, suggest Magnifikat (from 2L). (link to Amazon US but sometimes cheaper in UK). Prefer the SACD version, but blu ray is good. Also, there is a bonus video showing the non traditional 2L way of recording. In one word, magnificent (pun intended). Puts you into the church where it was recorded. Even my better half likes it; for much of the time, my music is considered no different to muzak! 😷 😆
  8. Thanks for that The whole thing annoys me as even if my TV is an entry level 4k panel, it is capable of an excellent 4k picture though Netflix and Youtube. I don't see why the Samsung UHD player can't give me at least the resolution benefit even if my TV is not HDR compatible. Find the whole thing ridiculous to be honest.
  9. Bought this around 3 months ago from Amazon US, yeah absolutely lost nothing over the years, and the mix is to die for imho.........
  10. I remember roachy's setup. even if was temporarily setup at the time but pulled it off
  11. Kaishin,what area are you located,if in melb I can help
  12. Got a white bed sheet?
  13. Fire? Nah... I wouldn't put a telly there either. JSmith
  14. @jsmith, I think we belong to a different camp...
  15. Yeah... but also refers to heat exposure in general. Just adding to the "debate"... IMO just not the best idea and not just the heat, it's too high up. JSmith
  16. Same with mine. most gas fire places disperse up and out. This CNET article refers to a traditional fire place and if that was the case I fully agree with you but from the pictures it looks like gas. yeah the mantelmount is expensive but the eBay and mono price ones don't give the same ease of height adjustments that the mantel mount does.
  17. Last one I hope you got something out of it @Cooler32. it's probably not exactly how you expected (I'm still learning myself and learnt some stuff in the process) but hopefully you got something constructive out of it. I look forward to seeing some pics when it's all done!
  18. Thankyou so much guys, i will do my homework on all these options. This should keep me occupied for a while and will put me in the ball park at least.Really appreciate this .
  19. Yep... Not to mention the "mantel" (mantle?) mount posted is copiously expensive... Monoprice/eBay have cheaper models. JSmith
  20. Na it's fine man, the heat disperses out and up, doesn't effect it.
  21. Set up discs will only get you so far... really you need measuring equipment like a colorimeter for a proper "calibration". I find the Spears and Munsill 2 BD the best and most thorough of the setup discs. Using such a disc will only allow you to setup that device only, whereas measuring equipment will allow you to calibrate all inputs including FTA TV, Foxtel etc. Once can also run test patterns from a PC, however once again that will only setup the PC input. JSmith
  22. You have been lucky to get a good unit. Putting a TV near a heat source increases the risk of failure. It is likely that a warranty claim would be refused due to excessive heat exposure.
  23. Yes ; as this requires 2 rca analog signals to be sent [ hdmi cant work unless audio is set in sync with the video signal] you would have to foregoe any lossy 5.1 etc digital sound sent by sp/dif to your avr I would imagine ..... Unless your NUC has simultaneous output while downmixing digital ; no expert at all with NUC's ..
  24. You can also have a dig in this thread from a long while back:
  25. G'day, I know there are smart people on this forum, so I'm surprised there's still no answer to this one To assist, here's the page on the 9Now website: - Stream goes live at 7:20pm (but they must be putting a static card on or something before that time) Clearly, there's another stream up and running for special events. I'm not interested in watching it via their website or app etc, I'm wanting to put the link into an external player.
  26. disney wow for basics to get going out of box is very good for blu-ray jvc does have an autocal....though am not sure if its been fixed for Xx500 series which think getting. for HDR there are a couple of things in the sony eggs (patterns on sony uhds) and also there is the RM files which goes further. thats all short of a full calibration but wouldn't want to do that for atleast 250 hours...
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