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Finding Work In The Satellite/aerial Industry Down Under

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#1 PommyLuke


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Posted 25 January 2012 - 09:41 PM

Hi All,

I currently live in the UK and I'm planning on coming to Oz later this year on a young working persons visa, initially for 1-2 years but may way settle here if given the opportunity to and everything pans out.

I have previously worked for SKY, (as a contractor for their biggest partner), which is the only national real DTH satellite provider in the UK, from what I can gather it's on a par with Auster and Foxtel please for give me if I'm wrong with the names.

I have a little experience with aerials and lots of experience working for Virgin Media - they are a telecoms/cable company, think phone lines, cable TV, fibre optic Broadband (up to 100mb) wireless routers etc.

From what I've seen on here and from what my friends have told me in general about the jobs market, there is plenty of work about right?

I have contacted Auster contractors (Access television services) who said they wouldn't touch me as I'm not a Citizen and they can't sponsor me, since then I found this forum and other sites/links to a rather messy situation with foxtel employees (or contractors).

So basically I'm asking what work would be out there for me...should I approach smaller contractors working on Auster etc or should I look for independent companies doing their own work??

I have tried endless times to get into Commercial systems - IRS etc but have had no joy, the jobs market here is such that for every job there will be 10+ people applying for it that already have more than enough experience to do it without any training so it's near on impossible to get a look in anywhere, even though I know myself I would pick up new principles etc very quickly as I really enjoy this line up work.

I couldn't believe it when I see Austar contractors offering a weeks training and what appeared a good job? - those days in the UK are gone as there as so many people out of work employers don't need to train anybody and therefore won't :(

From what I've read on forums here and in the UK and from when I used to work for the SKY contractor, you guys have the same sort of issues..

You would not believe what some 'engineers' will do here in the UK and get away with for somebody else to have to go back and rectify not to mention how hard the installations can be - Being expected to climb up 2/3 storey house then pitch roof ladders on a very steep roof, attaching all of this unworkable H&S gear, all for 15 pounds/23 dollars - they provide the van/tools/fuel/supplies

As it doesn't pay that well, 'engineer's will slam dishes anywhere to get enough signal to get it working for a few hours(cowboys)...then later in the week you get sent out to rectify it for 7.50 or 11 dollars and spend twice as long doing the installation properly but not getting paid properly for it, this along with 100 others is the reason I left as I felt undervalued and too stressed - it gets dark here at 4pm in the Autumn/Winter...you can't climb ladders yet alone roofs then and attach dishes safely yet they overload you with work and want you to drive round all day instead of installing in one area - bear in mind in the UK we are very densely populated and SKY TV has a huge subscription base so there is no need to work far away from each job...but with fuel as expensive as it is, they insist on doing it this way.

SO yeah, I want to get back on the tools, out in the nice weather you guys have, doing some AV work...any advice guys would be greatly appreciated.


(Whinging pom)

#2 mtv


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Posted 26 January 2012 - 06:05 PM


With Foxtel/Austar contract installation companies, every installer must have their own company set up, with late model vehicle and all equipment provided by yourself, so I'm not sure how financial you are to do all that for the period of time you initially intend to stay.

The other thing is, if it's even possible for you to set up a company in Australia on a temporary visa.

Working with independent installers is probably an easier option, especially in the satellite field.

Good luck.... hope it works out for you.

#3 PommyLuke


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Posted 26 January 2012 - 10:37 PM

Thanks MTV.

Okay. I think the contractor thing is something I would look into once I'm sure staying & got citizenship (should I be lucky) but thanks for the heads up.

I have friends in Sydney and Coogee bay area. Any ideas who I can try in that area? Or should I just hit the local telephone directory for installers??

Thanks again.

#4 mtv


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Posted 27 January 2012 - 10:54 AM


I'd probably go with contacting installers directly.. phone, etc.

There's a fair amount of work around for satellite installations for C-Band dishes. Eg: lots of Indian and Asian communities wanting OS FTA channels.

There is also (Ku) VAST FTA Australian channels, but these are only intended for areas where there is no terrestrial signal, which predominately means more remote areas, but I do them in the Blue Mountains, 100klms west of Sydney.

Sydney has severe shortage of knowlegeable, experienced and suitably-equipped terrstrial antenna installers.

Sydney terrain presents a lot of challenges for terrestrial antenna installers.

There's a lot of installers around, including franchises, but most are cowboys.

So if you have the knowledge, experience and the right digital test gear.. there are opportunities.

AV installation is another area which is in high demand.. home theatre, etc.

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#5 nbound


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 09:08 PM

There is also (Ku) VAST FTA Australian channels, but these are only intended for areas where there is no terrestrial signal, which predominately means more remote areas, but I do them in the Blue Mountains, 100klms west of Sydney.

There are a few more VAST areas along the east coast, in generally rural, but not remote areas. Also a fair few people wanting OS FTA from Ku sources too (esp. mediterranean and se asian), and also religious services. C-band is pretty much non-existant for me anyway.

From your experience you could also get a job with Telstra or Optus (phone/net/some paytv)

#6 beeblebrox


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Posted 10 February 2012 - 05:53 AM

ACCESS TELEVISION SERVICES (ATS) / TECHLIFE are looking for installers for a major satellite change for vision asia not sure what their timeframes are but might be worth a look at www.accesstv.com.au