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Singapore On Fast Track To Start Dvb-t2

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#1 alanh


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Posted 03 August 2011 - 09:57 PM

Singapore on fast track to start DVB-T2

Look at the price of UK DVB-T2 for DVB-T2 set top boxes


#2 digitalj


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Posted 03 August 2011 - 10:53 PM

another alanh thread attempting to push DVB-T2.

One thing you don't appear to be understanding is that we too want DVB-T2, but it will take another 10+ years to get introduced here, if ever as a result of no or very little existing tuners in Australia supporting DVB-T2.

#3 reslfj


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Posted 04 August 2011 - 07:02 PM

....but it will take another 10+ years to get introduced here, if ever as a result of no or very little existing tuners in Australia supporting DVB-T2.

This need not be true - far from - and it very likely isn't

E.g. in Austria, where ASO to DVB-T has just finished, two new DVB-T2 muxes will be online - nation wide - within the next 6-12 month.
When the DVB-T2 standard first came out in 2008/2009 Austria TV said - "Not here and at least not within the next 10 years."
The first TV's and STB's were on the market around April 2010 and Austria starts DVB-T2 later in 2011.

You cannot trust marketing people on such matters.

In Germany there are talks of a max 2 year T/T2 simulcast from 2013/14 and then full DVB-T2 services. They too shouted '...at least 10 years DVB-T"

When India with 1.7 billion people - 85 times Australia - starts using DVB-T2 DVB-T2 chips will very inexpensive.

Australia should rather make a solid plan for changing from DVB-T to DVB-T2 and at the same time change from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 or -maybe- directly to HEVC (next gen MPEG).

Changing to new technology is selecting the right goals - but more than anything it is the right timing.

Lars :)

#4 alanh


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Posted 04 August 2011 - 07:14 PM

It is a little more than that.
If we changed the Australian standard for receivers to be able to demodulate DVB-T2 now, as we have already included MPEG-4 decompression, when the switchover comes, most receivers will be capable already. This is a much cheaper approach than having to build a full receiver and HDMI interface for a single DVB-T2/T demodulator chip.

This also gives time for the 500 odd transmitters to have DVB-T2/T modulators installed.

Planning is much better than trying to fix it later!

Singapore population 5 million + tourists buying duty free!


#5 alanh


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Posted 04 August 2011 - 07:16 PM

I wonder how many of the s3-D receivers will already receive DVB-T2, like the UK models do? They all decompress MPEG-4.


#6 DrP


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Posted 04 August 2011 - 07:52 PM

Some facts (yes, yes, I know, facts are something that is typically avoided in these threads but...)

MPEG-4 AVC is not stipulated as mandatory in receivers in the 'Australian specifications'1 despite one well known arm-chair expert forum member saying it is. The only specification that requires MPEG-4 AVC support in terrestrial receivers is Freeview's and that is in no way shape or form compulsory. In fact most manufacturers appear to avoid the Freeview specification like it had the plague. The government has said it does not intend to allow MPEG-4 AVC in general transmission until at least some time after analogue switch off. In addition the broadcasters themselves have publicly stated that they do not intend to broadcast MPEG-4 AVC in general transmission "until most receivers support it", even if the government permits such transmissions. IMO the government will more than likely take the same stance WRT the introduction of DVB-T2 as it has with MPEG-4 AVC - ie, make no firm determination on the subject rather wait on attrition and market forces to slowly prime the environment for DVB-T2.

No spectrum space has been put aside for additional FTA transmissions, ie, post restack "That's all your getting". Therefore the only place DVB-T2 could be transmitted is on the existing allocations. DVB-T2 is a deal breaker for practically every single receiver sold to date and essentially every single receiver on the market2. In order for T2 to start either additional spectrum has to be allocated or all in-use receivers have to be T2 capable. Anyone that imagines that all in-use receivers are going to be T2 capable within 8 years is, to but it bluntly, dreaming. One need look no further than the number of older digital receivers that are still in use today that can not accept MPEG-2 HD nor MPEG-4 AVC for proof.

All in-use receivers? Why all? The commercial reality of Australian broadcast television, that's why. Even in this analogue terminal phase of broadcasting the FTA commercial networks still consider there are enough viewers either still watching via analogue (!) or via standard definition only capable receivers to put their prime / drawcard programming on their main standard definition service. Its not hard to imagine a similar situation whereby the broadcasters do not want to alienate even a low number of viewers with DVB-T only equipment.

As an aside I see mention of a next generation codec. Fancy that. You know, I could have sworn that a well known forum member swore black and blue that no such thing existed, that no submissions for any such thing had been called for and that 3D codecs were now being developed to the exclusion of all 2D work. Oh yes, one last blow, links to the posts where this well known forum member said these things can be provided. ^_^

1. Precious little actually is. Believe it or not there is no requirement for a receiver to support MPEG-2 but you could expect a lot of returns if you tried to sell one that couldn't do it.
2. Yes, yes. There are a few specific TVs that have T2 support but its not promoted and they are very much the exception at this point.

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