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New Home Av Wiring

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#1 Bellyup


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Posted 27 May 2015 - 03:32 PM

Hi All,
I'm Bruce and new to this forum. Currently about to start building a new house in the country outside of Orange, Central NSW.
I have lots of questions I would like your help and advice on and my first one is this:
I would like to have in ceiling speakers through the living areas for general listening and some outdoor speakers around on the covered alfresco ( used to be called a patio when I was a kid lol). My thinking is to wire to the desired areas and bring all the pairs back to a central hub. I love using Pandora and some Bluetooth streaming. Is there a system out there that would work for me on a limited budget and which in ceiling speakers are worth considering, there are a lot of new brands I have never heard or heard of, budget of up to $150 pair. reckon I'll want about 5 pair of speakers.
My current system is Denon 2310 ARV and Orpheus Aurora 3 front and Orpheus centre and surrounds plus Velodyne sub.
Thanks for your help,

P.S. Would a "smart home" / C-bus type thing work for an AV system like above?

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#2 GaryCook


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Posted Yesterday, 10:56 AM

Background first, I have 3 Zones set up in my place, the lounge, the family room/veranda and the garage (of course). Each uses their respective zoned output from the processor (an Emotiva UMC-200) where the input, output and volume are controlled using an iDevice (iPhone, iPad etc). I have an AppleTV3 connected via HDMI to the processor and a MacMini controls the 2 x EHDD's that contain the iTunes lossless music files. So from any of the family's iDevices we can either play music from that device and/or play music from the Library to any of the Zones as well as a control their volume.

Hardwiring wise, I use powered speakers (Emotiva Airmotive 5's) in the garage, so the connection is simply a shielded RCA pair from the Zone 3 pre amp output on the processor to the powered speaker input. There are wall plates with female RCA connections at both ends, with the wiring through the ceiling cavity.

The Zone 2 pre amp output on the processor goes to a pair of channels on my 5 channel power amplifier (Emotiva XPA-5) with normal speaker wiring (Jaycar EHD) through the wall cavity. There are wall plates with male speaker connections at both ends. The speakers are KEF Corals, so are portable, I can move them around to suite the furniture layout on the day. Or bring some big speakers out for party time.

Ceiling speakers are not really suitable as most of my place has cathedral ceilings, plus I'm not a big fan of their sound quality. I also find the echo (time delay) from multiple speakers playing the same source in different rooms to be annoying, could be just me of course.

Hope that helps

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#3 Bellyup


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Posted Yesterday, 09:16 PM

Thanks Gary,
Thanks for the reply.
Just spent time googling to bring myself up to speed on your setup..... essentially the umc 200 is a pre amp for surround sound amps? and you use it to feed the seperate amps therefore giving 3 zones?
I really like the idea of wall outlets scattered around for smaller speakers instead of ceiling jobbies, didn't think of that.
I suppose you could also stream Pandora from an i thingy to the umc.
Are you able to keep it in your HT and use it for movies as well?
This is a whole new shift in thinking now.... hmmmm. I'll have to research more.
Many thanks,