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Amc 2100 Power Amp

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Posted 03 March 2015 - 01:52 PM

Hi all, 
looking at dabbling into the world of power amp for my home system, and looking for an affordable trial into stereo power amp.
Currently I have a pair of B&W 685 hooked up to a Pioneer SC-1223 (Stereo pre outs only). after setting up my HT last weekend, I am pretty happy with the result so far for playing movies, but for stereo (2.1) music it seems a little harsh on my ears and missing something in the middle; this tend to be more obvious when i play on louder volume, which i have noticed I needed to crank up to between -20db to -15db; havent heard any clipping yet, so I assume the Pioneer is still keeping up
Now, Came across an AMC 2100 power amp, which has been rated at 100wpc at 8Ohm and at the price of $600 new, seems like a good deal; However, I am unable to find many reviews on it, while any mention of AMC amp were a clone version of older NAD amps, so it gives a warm sound to it? while others are saying it is pretty flat for music but great for movies? :confused:
Anyway, was wondering if anyone here has experience with the AMC, and if it would give a good result on my B&W over the Pioneer?
alternatively, i have seen an old Rotel RMB-850 at 50wpc 8ohmn cheap... worth considering? :)