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Need A New Avr, Help With Recommendations...

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Posted Yesterday, 02:45 PM

Guys, my current AVR Yamaha rxv1800 is playing up ( it would take 10 - 50 presses of the on/off button to turn on and after a few days of doing that, now wont turn on at all ).


So, seeing that im into 3D and wanting to future proof myself for the 4K im thinking its time for an upgrade.

Loved the Yamaha and was very happy with it, also had a yamaha avr previous to that one that i sold and was still going.


At the moment, thinking of only going:

Yamaha ( rxv2077, rxa840, rxa1040 )

Denon ( x4000, x3100 ), the x4000 with the only one having the xt32 room correction.

Marantz ( sr6008, sr5009 ).


Im having a hard time choosing between any of these because i am using preouts from my yammie to an Emotiva xpa5, and only using 2channels ( out of 7 ) from the yamaha for my back surrounds.

Since im using the preouts to an emotiva power amp, will i be wasting money on buying a expensive ( to me ) AVR that i may not need? and perhaps i should look at the cheaper AVR's that have preouts? ( a must ).

For example, i found a yamaha rxv777 for $1099, Denon x3000 for $895 all have preouts.( these all pass through 3D and 4K as well, correct?).


I am prepared to spend up to $1800 but obviously if a $1000 AVR can do the same thing but is not as powerful ( not needed as im using external amp ) then is that the smarter thing to do?


I have 7 channels of Richter speakers and DIY 2x 18" subs mach 5 audio running 2x behringer 4000 amps.


Any guidence, recommendations of what you would do or other models that i should consider?

Thank you

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Posted Yesterday, 03:47 PM

I'd recommend the X4000 for its Audyssey XT32.  Not much stock around now - best price I've seen recently is here.