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Foxtel Dropping Pic But Has Audio With Cable Chick Hdmi Splitter

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#1 stinkfinger


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Posted 03 October 2014 - 07:03 PM

gday guys, I got this 4x hdmi splitter from cable chick. now the out from the foxtel goes to the splitter and one then goes to the yamaha 3075. when I turn the gear on sound comes on but no picture but the sound is intermittent and I notice that on the front of the yamy the hdmi out/in 1 which is lit up red and solid (solid connection) is intermittent and the sound goes on and off as well. so the connection is being broken some how. What i have to do then is disconnect the power from the splitter and re apply which sorts it out. any ideas? obviously there is a hand shake problem but not sure what to change in the yamy settings

#2 Z2TT


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Posted Yesterday, 11:54 PM

I have had similar Issues in the past with HDMI Splitters, they are hit and miss and it's most likely a handshake issue that one of the devices causes.

Only thing you could do is try another brand splitter

#3 robertr


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Posted Today, 08:21 AM

Therein is the problem with HDMI you turn on one television in another room (which is looped via HDMI out on the receiver) & you get a black screen on the main tv for around 5 seconds.


When I turn on the main TV in the living room via the Foxtel IQ2 box & receiver it takes around 10 seconds to see the screen come on.


In this day & age I cannot understand why this handshake issue with HDMI takes so long.

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#4 Chopsus


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Posted Today, 08:27 AM

It's the punishment for not illegally ripping everything you watch ... The HDCP penalizes those who do the right thing unfortunately.

#5 pgdownload


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Posted Today, 10:51 AM

In this day & age I cannot understand why this handshake issue with HDMI takes so long.


As chopsus says. HDMI was invented primarily as a security device. PQ and usability were secondary considerations.




Peter Gillespie