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Opinions On Beginners Ht Setup

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#1 pangydna


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Posted 29 September 2014 - 04:31 PM

Hi there, I’m very new into the HT world and it seems to be a very expensive one!


I’ve lurked through the forums to try and find some budget builds or stickies regarding builds but couldn’t find any (probably didn’t use the search very well)

I was hoping to get some advice with my options and i’ll try and include as much information as I can.


Decided to get a 2.1 system because the layout of the room makes it a bit more difficult for a 5.1. The 5.1 would have been a generic HT package from JB.

My budget is $1000-1500.


I am currently thinking of getting the Denon AVR-X510BT instead of the generic Pioneer.


I am looking for book shelf speakers and have been to JB and West coast hifi (WCHF). Have listened to the Dali Zensor 1 (which I was set on buying until I went to West Coast) I listened to a set of Yamaha NS-B500 + sub and they sounded much more rounded compared to the Dali’s. The Dali’s were quite tinny and seems to lack something in the mind range.


The Yamahas cost $250 off Amazon compared to the $900 in store. I will be going to Sound Advice and possibly Frank Prowse in WA to check out some of their range. The Krix Atomix $500 look like they would suit me and seem pretty good from the reviews i’ve read. 


Sound Advice offers:

Aaron Loudspeakerss
Krix Loudspeakers
Richter Acoustics
Sonus Faber


Frank Prose (FP) offer:

Cambridge Audio – whathifi recommend the SX-50 ($250 on Amazon)
James Loudspeaker
Monitor Audio
Sonus Faber
Vienna Acoustics


I have very little knowledge into sub woofers that I can get that will be worth it for what I pay. I’ve listened to the Sherwood SW10, Jensen X165, Yamaha NS-SW500. The Sherwood costs $300 and I’ve read that it wouldn’t be worth it for that price. The Jensen was ridiculously loud and didn’t fit the budget and the Yamaha was nice and suited the NS-B500 but will cost $800 separately (WCHF)


Questions and Advice:
What do you think of my choice of Receiver?

Any recommendations for speakers that I can easily source in WA or online at Amazon

If I spend $500 on speakers, I’d have $500 for a sub. Can you please recommend me some subs to look into that I could purchase easily.

Should I go the Denon and Yamaha speakers/sub.  Might be able to bargain with the guys at WCHF.


I know I have to go into store and listen to the speakers but I can’t get there until next Saturday and this will give me some research to keep me busy over the week!

Thanks in advance for any responses that I get.



#2 Jutta


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Posted 29 September 2014 - 04:38 PM

There was a Richter Thor on here for sale recently that fits inside your sub budget. Not sure if it's sold yet but would be a great addition.

#3 agelessgoodguy


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Posted 29 September 2014 - 07:01 PM

Andy you haven't told us what your wanting from this two channel system in terms of what are you wanting to do with it  for your budget...


a/ Run a turntable to play vinyl records

b/ Run/play a Blu-ray player

c/ Play a radio via the amp or Internet radio

d/ Playback TV sound to make it sound better

e/ Stream music from a computer or disk storage system

f/ Drive a projector to get a bigger image etc

h/ Other options


Have a look in the review of products listing here for toys you may like that members have had their hands on etc to give you more ideas too.  Good Luck.

#4 pangydna


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Posted 30 September 2014 - 12:36 AM

Jutta, I had a look at that sub prior to being in the position I am now. Will check the page again.


Ageless, I'm looking to use it for TV sound/stream music from a computer.



#5 kwarrior


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Posted 30 September 2014 - 01:47 PM

Im not sure if this is great advise.


But it has happened to me...and several others, I am willing to guess.


We all start with a small budget and then get something going. In your case, to stream TV and music from your computer...great. 


And then things begin to happen...


- you read about products on here

- you get to know how people often go crazy with their spend

- the HT systems begin to get "better" (all subjective I must admit)

- and you spend a bit more

- and you buy more....


and soon, you will have something you never set out to have...happens to many (not all) but many...and before you know it, you will have to read the thread ...somewhere on here, on how to not make your partner aware of your spend....great read that....


...but good luck mate...just start small. That Denon is a good start...

#6 mmu16


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Posted 30 September 2014 - 05:10 PM

Hey Buddy,


I believe your first action should be to review receivers with built in wifi/network streaming capability. Most receivers these days can do this but the majority require a wifi dongle of some sort.  Or you could get a cheap etp adaptor set and just hard wire the whole thing. Basically you need either a network port or wifi. Some good low/mid level receivers I would recommend - Yamaha, Sony and Denon. Onkyo receivers seem to suffer from reliability issues so don't go there (Just on a side note, the Denon you are considering does not have network connectivity - only bluetooth. That means it will only stream off a compatible mobile phone or a PC with a bluetooth transmitter). Just make sure you get one with lots of HDMI ins. You should be able to snag a good model (with network capability + min 4 X HDMI) for around $750 or less. Your choice to go with a 2.1 set up is very smart.  However, if the majority of your usage is HT rather than music, go 3.1 since a centre speaker is crucial for HT. I would also suggest checking out suppliers such as eastwood hifi, cleff hifi and audiotrends.  These guys package up some great deals! also, check out their clearance sections for some crazy good bargains (sometimes). Actually, eastwood have a smashing good deal on a yamaha receiver (with networking + 5 X HDMI) and a Paradigm CT100 Cinema pack for just $1600. Cracking value.  If you have a PS3, thats your BR player sorted out (its actually rather good).  Good luck with the hunt but rest easy that you can get a nice little system with that budget. Remember, its not the $$ but the sound... :)

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#7 pangydna


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Posted 09 October 2014 - 11:21 AM

So I ended up going to Sound Advice in Perth and getting my system.


Denon AVR-X1000

Q acoustics 2020i - bookshelf speakers 

Yamaha SW515 - Sub


Loving this thing. Gives movies a whole new element.

I can see why a centre speaker would be beneficial. Unless you're sitting directly between your two bookshelves, it doesn't sound "right". 


Only issue now is that my laptop won't send sound to the AVR via HDMI. Bloody Firmware/hardware issue with the GFX card. Time to invest in a small HTPC.


Thanks for all the advice everyone.