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Iq3 Box

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#501 laurie


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 06:59 PM

This morning with power saving off the box switched on with no problems.If all the other problems were so simple to fix.


Hence why we come here to discuss problems in the hope we may help each other out,but gee how they missed that in testing is incredible 


cheers laurie

#502 Bare


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Posted 01 May 2015 - 06:02 PM

Hi. First post here. Couldn't help myself after reading about issues with the IQ3. I just switched plans from Telstra T Box to Foxtel and I am sorry to say it is the biggest load of crap I have ever had. The hardware install took 15 minutes including cables down the wall and to the new dish on the roof. However the installer was here for almost two hours trying to get the IQ3 going. He had just finished explaining how the new box was the "Rolls Royce" when the crap hit the fan and he had to ring Foxtel and be put on hold. HA! The thing just did not want to play. So after a frustrating 90 minutes we had success. He couldn't get out the door fast enough. And that"s when the problems started again. First the channel menu stayed on and would not disappear, then I kept getting a black screen (no sound, no picture) then a dialog box comes up and tells me I need an upgrade required because I am not subscribed to the channel. This while I was on ABC free to air. It started asking for a PIN when I hit the back button. Then the remote stopped all together. So after the 10th full system reset I thought I had it sorted. Noooooo! So I rang Telstra and after quite a while ranting to customer help (WOW an Aussie to talk to) I was reluctantly transferred to Foxtel to try and sort the issues. After explaining the problems to the very uninterested service operator she kept asking for the error  codes. I explained there were no error codes for a blank screen and the remote not responding. This she would not accept. She insisted I note any codes down in the next hour and she would call back then. STILL WAITING FOXTEL! So it's on to The "DISCONNECTION TEAM". I had had enough. So the guy checks my account and tells me that the plan I was on was "NOT COMPATIBLE" with the IQ3. Yes believe it or not folks. I thought this guy is having a lend. The old T Box plan I was on had to be deleted and a new one activated. Plus the fact I could not revert back to the one I was on as it had been discontinued.

My advice people if you haven't already "DONT".