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  2. I just use an smartphone app, and a smartphone. Alternatively, you could get an iPod Touch.
  3. Great song by Linkin Park... damn shame about the sad news. JSmith
  4. I picked up a low use 65-VT30 for $600.00 last year and have set up a second HT sound around it - could not be happier with my buy. Reviews point to what Owen said re Panasonic Plasma internal tuners softening the image and the use of a set top box as the solution. Not a concern for me as the Pana 65 is 99% streamed from the home server.. My understanding is that Windex is a big no no as it contains ammonia and will strip screen coatings. Use an ammonia free spray for any screen.
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  6. I have not bought the MiniDSP units yet. I was actually after them for active crossovers between mids and highs so I can upgrade the current 2CH amp modules I currently use. I have had a play with them a few years back.
  7. You do not need an AVR to do the bass EQ. If you have a DSP between the AVR and subs, you can use MSO (Home page) to calculate the PEQs. The documentation is extensive, plus you are more than welcome to post or pm me with your questions.
  8. Use a good set top box for free to air NOT the internal tuner. Old Panasonic's filter the input from the internal tuner resulting in an unnecessarily soft image. I have seen other brands with the same issue as well.
  9. Yes I know I was very hesitant leaving Ambertech and Integra. My last 3 machines were Integra's and not an issue.
  10. There are no bass EQ controls on my AVR or my SUB amp plate. The only thing I can do is to move the subs around and hopefully find the place that allows the peaks of one to offset the dips of the other. Or add more foam to soak up 30Hz, 40Hz and 50Hz and then re-calibrate the levels. 30Hz, 40Hz and 50Hz are pretty much flat, then it dips about 4dB to 60Hz, 70Hz and 80Hz. So it is not bad. I don't have the typical 60Hz "room boom" of most home theatres. I must study his work and see if I can work out how to do this. Apparently my RT60 readings are under 2 which is considered a touch too much. But I would rather not have echoes.
  11. KONG SKULL ISLAND 3D - Aus Release - DTS HDMA 5:1 - 2.4:1 Fun action film with really good post production 3D visuals. Bright clear picture with wonderful locations and jungle scenes. CGI abound, but WTH! Unfortunately, the 3D offering only sported the 5:1 DTS MA, but it was excellent none the less. Full of immersing surround activity. Can confirm that the 2D disc included has Dolby Atmos audio. FILM: 4/5 3D PQ: 4.5/5 AQ: 4/5 Interesting to see Tom Hiddleston in a role like this. Spends a lot of the time looking buffed and tall, whilst Brie Larson exudes the female counterpart! Oh well! Still lots of fun and it would appear that there's more to come
  12. That's a first for them not upsetting customers! . Sorry, not a fan of theirs...
  13. New unit came today and went through setup ok. I now have a nice even screen Will be testing all HDMI inputs tomorrow after work.
  14. Just as a Note for scunbags that are reading this and has bad intention to pay us a visit for the wrong reason. I am a unpredictable Person that goes to any length to protect that is ours. I' not scare to die but are you?
  15. Compare to Page 1 Photos You will notice 95% of the Grey Bars have Gone and I'm not finished. Anything I do is EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never ever Give up. I never have even after a Heart Attack followed by a Massive stroke. I'm just pig headed. you will notice that most of the Photo's are litt fuzzy. blame me and my shaking hand The Next will try vary the Deg Kelvin on the Back Light + the Fluorescent Dimmer.
  16. This Photo was taken on the far right Chair about 34 Deg angle. Bright scene This Photo is a BRIGHT SCENE on the Front. Bright scene
  17. This shot was taken on the Right hand side of the Main Lounge. Dark Scene This shot was taken on the Left Chair about 34 Deg Angle. Brighter scene
  18. Right!! here all the Photos and after this My hosting is Finished. I have use most of the ninja hocus Pocus Trick I have using Verable Brightness of Back Light behind the tv to the wall using Different Temperatures. Also I have use Different Ceiling Blackness by have the light go to the ceiling ONLY but I will try later the New DIMMER that does Fluorescent Globes. Compare these Photos to the Same Movie (Deepwater Horizion) (Not again as its about 16 time I have used this movie to test) on Page 1 and you will see a difference between the First LG and The second one Plus I used of My box of trick to get rid of that Grey Letterbox Bars. COMPARE ALL PHOTOS I HAVE HERE TO SEE HOW MUCH THE TV HAS DROPPED in Height (use the Subs either side as a reference) This shot was taken on the Center of the main Lounge. Dark Scene with splashing light. This Scene should the the Bars Glowing. Only the Mid bottom shows a little This shot was Taken on the Left side of the main Lounge. Dark Scene
  19. Yeah I had the feeling they just didn't want upset customers getting a Yamaha, onkyo etc.
  20. No its stubborn and wont allow an analogue input if the video source is HDMI When I move house next month and re-arrange the HT, I might look at going DVI/VGA straight into the projector - its a better idea! Thanks JS!
  21. Al, can you elaborate please? Are you talking specialist hi-fi showrooms in the U.S.? It's almost two years since I was in the States but I recall seeing mainstream retailers Best Buy and Walmart. Best Buy had quite a big range of TVs on display.
  22. That's a change for Qualifi . They have been responsible for the high pricing on Denon here for a long time.
  23. Given what you have achieved with REW, I am surprised that you have not done the bass EQ. You have already done some room treatment, so getting exceptional bass should be your next step. Have you read Paul Spencer's (member here) Bass Integration Guide? It shows how to use waterfall plots in REW to discover where modal ringing is occurring in the room, how to treat rooms and finally equalise. I found the guide useful for 1 sub, but without room treatment, gave limited improvement. Since then, used MSO and 2 subs to get excellent bass for the stereo setup, and HT (together with Anthem Room Correction).
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